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Normal Is a Cycle on a Washing Machine

One of the keys to getting unstuck is acknowledging and embracing who you are – quirks and all. In this case, you got stuck trying to be someone different, but it’s applicable to almost any case of stuck.

Don’t Beg People To Be Phenomenal

A phenomenal person can be present in different areas of life. He can be on sports, sales and other fields. However, being phenomenal is at times misinterpreted or misused by other people.

How to Dethrone the Powers Behind Your Problems?

Devil is the power behind my problem but it is sin that opens the door for the devil in my life to bring in the problems. Devil is behind my problems but my sins gave him the unhindered access to afflict me with problems; this implies that I need to get rid of my sins to be able to properly deal with the devil. If you do not deal with the sins in your life, it will be almost impossible to close the doors to the problems in your life, meaning that to deal with the powers behind your problem, the prerequisite is getting rid of sin. Sin is spiritual and it needs a spiritual solution. When you give your life to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, the sin problem will be permanently dealt with. No one can be free from sin except he or she gives his/her life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Quality of Your Relationships Is Key to Your Health

This article will reveal how the quality of your relationships are key to your health. It will explore one of the main reasons for relationship issues and give you 3 tips to improve the quality of your relationships. The tips are easy to apply and relate to any kind of relationship.

How to Be the Best “I” You Can Be

Don’t waste time being upset and angry. Take charge of your life, be strong and stick up for what makes you happy. Identify what gives you joy and go after it.

How to Develop Self-Awareness in Six Easy Steps

Self-awareness is like a banana. You have to slowly peel off your self-images, your facade, your beliefs and opinions and habits you’ve built around yourself to get to the real you. It is not as easy as peeling a banana, though, because we don’t want to confront our real selves and having a facelift can be a traumatic process.

Heal Your Past and Create A Stronger You In The Present

We can’t just relegate the past to the past without healing the pain from the past. Otherwise, the past will continue to cause our present to be just one big open wound. A wound that we keep on putting a band aid on but not really going within to heal that wound. So if something painful is still affecting us in our present then chances are it is unhealed past wounds that is paralyzing our present state of existence. Once we can heal old wounds then we will start feeling our present being freed up opening us up to new and wondrous things.

Develop Your Self-Esteem and Be Happier!

We all need a healthy dose of self-esteem; however, some of us don’t have it due to growing up in a dysfunctional family, going through unhealthy relationships or getting negative feedback for a long period of time. However, there are things you and I can do..

Breaking the Habit of Self Sabotaging

Is your life filled with regrets? What happens when you are unable to cope? Two things usually occur. We move forward, or we become immobilized with fear.

Effect of Problems

Problem is a difficulty that hinders people from getting what they want at the right time. It becomes very serious when every avenue for solution had been exploited and yet there is no improvement. A man who is swallowed up in a problem and could not get a solution to the problem may soon become an object of pity and the talk of the town. If care is not taken, such a person may even become a bad reference point and example to others.

Eight Causes of Loneliness

At every season in life, loneliness of some degree is unavoidable: Intransigence – change, tragedy – joy, failure – success, birth – death, love- hate, war – peace, life itself, all contribute to social interaction or social disconnect. What are the causes of loneliness? Here are eight common causes of loneliness: Abuse (often referred to as psychological loneliness).

Adult Children of Alcoholics – God’s Divine Power Is Within You

When you have been denied love, you do not know you are love. When you are born to the narcissistic, self absorbed, distracted, addicted, abusive and alike, you never learned to honor the self; the divinity that connects you to all that is. All that is, you are–even in your ignorance of it. By connecting to the divine power within, you get to change how you perceive self, and in doing so, tap into the creative power that is what man calls God. Creator created you in his/her image, therefore–all that is required is that you learn to believe in who you really are, and to let go of who you were conditioned to believe you are.

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