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How To Maintain Trust In the Workplace

Building trust does not usually happen with a wink of an eye but over time. With scarce resources, it may be more important to understand the value of trust in the workplace and take action on how to rebuild or sustain it.

Daily Problems In Life Healed By Answering To A True Calling

You are always being divinely directed, a true calling, for ways to reach your full potential and be all that you can be. But sometimes if we’re not listening to that true calling daily problems in life can seem to snowball, as once was the case for me. But how can you tell when you’re having a true calling? A True calling is a gentle whispering in your mind, an urging, a nudge, if you will, to make particular changes or moves in life. But callings are not necessarily beams of light with the appearance of a divine image.

Can You Control Your Emotions and Discipline Them?

Controlling emotions is a powerful way to lead a prosperous life, emotions are also very powerful to drive you, if you are emotions are great then you will become a performer but it they become negative, you will be a parasite. In an organization, a person can be a performer or a parasite is depending on the quality of the emotions you are able to manage. If you can able to control your emotions and succeed in discipline them, you can be a successful person.

To Want It So Bad And Not Being Afraid To Go To The Highest Levels Must Mean It Is Your Destiny

If you want it so bad, if you want something bad enough, truly, you will do what it takes to accomplish it. Many are afraid to go for the highest levels, but they still want it so bad. Does this sound familiar? On the other hand there are those who have the God-given talent, the right skills, and most of what it takes, but for whatever reason they just don’t want it bad enough. Have you seen this before?

Best Strategy For A Reflective State Of Mind On Being Successful In Any Business Opportunity

How do we attain success? Sigmund Freud said, “… that confidence of success that often induces real success.” One of my mentors, Jon, shared some thoughts with me, and I totally agree. I really find it strange how people give up on their true free will, their goals and dreams so quickly and easily. These are often the very same people that spent years learning their current profession or trade… yet when it comes to starting a business, they give it whole 2 weeks and quit.

Achieving Your Dreams And Personal Goal Setting By The Inner Awareness Of Mindfulness Meditation

When becoming aware of the power of mindfulness meditation, we can create quietness and peace, a private time of universal alignment bringing to you what you want in life. Appreciating this inner awareness, even while you dream during sleep, for personal goal setting can send you in a better direction and turn things around in your life. Yes, it’s possible for well-being and an abundant life. While in this world you can chose to live one of two ways. You may choose to live as being interconnected to the Creation, as brother/sisters within the One-Mind of God, or we may say, living at-one in the light of Reality.

Rewarding Tips For Starting Over On A Newer Path Leading To A Life Of Your Dreams

Sometimes we have to close our eyes to THINK we SEE what’s going on around us, and follow the higher voice – leading us, guiding us and directing us from the inside. I mean really following what we stand for. The thing is, so many others think just like you do and they want to hear from people just like themselves.

The Key to Greatness

All that you need to achieve greatness is already inside of you. Use your talents and skills to make the best contribution to society.

The Wave of Technology

There’s no doubt that technology has had a huge impact on society. It has radically changed the way companies do business and affected the way we live our day to day lives. From the advancements in medicine and education, to travel and communication, we are now living longer because of it. But with the speed at which machines are improving and the number of tasks they can do today, what does this mean for humanity and how will this affect us in our working lives?

Emotions, Violence and Mindfulness

Based on my experience and reading, it seems clear that everyone has a breaking point when they feel forced to act in ways not typical of them. Perhaps some people turn to violence as a way to be taken seriously for once. Some commit suicide when they feel their life challenges are more than they can bear.

Sticks and Stones

When did we start having so many expectations of one another? How to let go of expectations.

Design a Meaningful Life On Your Own Terms

Trusting your inner knowledge as a guide – Imagine back to when when you were young. Now imagine you had the confidence to lead with most authentic version of yourself, without pressure of having to prove anything to anyone or to fit in. Would that have offered you a more joy-filled experience? For many of you that answer is “of course!” And for others that may be a pivotal question that begins to unlock some core beliefs about who you are and how you learn who you are. I’ve been working with youth and adults in the field of learning and have found mentoring a person through a process of self discovery opens up untold potential. To do this, requires unlearning some beliefs we hold as truths. Learning as I’ll point out in this case, can not be universally measured with a report card.

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