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How to Conquer the Fear of Being Fat and Overweight

So, lose your fear of eating and fear of being fat. I have been helping people who are convinced they cannot lose weight to lose weight for the past 25 years. I can help you lose a minimum of 5 pounds every two weeks. This may not seem like a lot, but that is 10lbs a month.

The Importance of Having Your Own Business

If I am going to work hard all my life, I would rather work on my own business. Wouldn’t you? If you have a mortgage, bills, food etc….all hanging off one source of income, what happens when that job comes to an end? Is there such a thing as a ‘job for life’? Do you really want one? The only way out is to have your own business. That is if you want real control over your finances. It’s also about the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and most importantly how you want. Enjoy reading.

Personal Growth Quotes 2

Some more personal growth quotes. I hope they inspire and encourage.

Righting the Wrongs of Racism: The White Man’s Guilt

Much has been said over the years in relation to slavery and the white man’s role in it. What part, if any do white people today have to play in this historical injustice and is there any responsibility to be shouldered in relation to the treatment of black people who suffered for several centuries under this system of servitude?

Self Soothing – How to Make Yourself Feel Better

Some days you just feel off. It’s puzzling. Because you don’t even know how to explain what you are feeling to your friends and loved ones. So what choice do you make? Practice self-soothing to make yourself feel better.

Organizing Your Self-Talk in Order to Enjoy Every Moment

A lot of our days are filled with tasks that are not necessarily fun! Some of the tasks will never end! Wouldn’t life be better and our lives more joy filled if we were content while performing these tasks? But, how do we do that!? Let’s “organize” our self-talk and our thoughts in order to shift our discontent to content.

The Hidden Commitment Behind False Modesty

Do you value being modest? I seem to be encountering both men and women lately who have a thing for being humble. Some are leaders within their organizations who see humility, or even self-deprecation, as a means to getting respect from their teams by putting them on the same level. Others are entrepreneurs who don’t want to “oversell” themselves or toot their own horn.

Am I a Pessimist?

All things are possible with God. I was pondering this phrase this morning, and I asked myself, do I believe it?

What Happened To Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods was born in December of 1975. Before the age of two, Woods’ father put a golf club in his hand. Clearly, Tiger was capable. Looking back he’s piled up an unbelievable record surpassed only by the legendary Jack Nicklaus. In the press he was often labeled a child prodigy.

Anger: Is It Good Or Bad?

The word anger and the behaviour that it creates is not something that is typically looked upon with acceptance or positivity. Anger is often portrayed as a troublesome emotion; an emotion that leads to destructive and abusive behaviour.

A Psychic Asks – Do You Really Know The Meaning Of The Word Faith?

Do you know the meaning of the word faith? What does the word faith mean to you and in your experiences? Today’s Daily Quote is from John Dewey, the American philosopher and education reformist, who gives us a great definition for faith.

3 Ways to View Your Life As Optimistic, Regardless of Your Current Situation

It is still possible to view your life as optimistic, in spite of where you are currently at. The three strategies in this article can inspire you, to never look at your life according to your current situation again.

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