The Great Awakening: What is Happening to the World Right Now? | Explanation by Master Sri Akarshana

Strategies Dogs Can Teach You About Being Stuck or Unstoppable

What strategy do you follow when going after your dreams? What is your electric fence? Is the risk to stay stuck behind the fence bigger than your dream?

You Can Be a Leader of Self If You Choose

Leader, by definition, is “a person who rules, guides, or inspires others.” Every single person is a leader of self.

People That Can’t Say No!

Often other people make us doubt who we are. Often other people lead our lives for us. Often we’re people that cant say NO!

Why Is Feedback Painful? The Emotions One Goes Through to Acceptance

Feedback… think for a moment… What does this word trigger in you? For most people, the word feedback, especially in their work context, tends to trigger all sorts of negative and troubling thoughts and emotions. This is because the way we have often received feedback and the way we give feedback has generally been less than optimal…

If Work Is a Curse Then Is Being Happy Going to Work an Oxymoron?

Do you start having anxiety on Sunday night just thinking about going to work on Monday morning? If your answer is yes then join the ranks of millions who have not found their purpose and continue working on JOBs (Just Over Broke) without purpose rather than working on purpose with purpose. Find out how to begin to shift your mindset.

The Need to Tame Your Emotions

Suppose everyone you know is able to handle their issues and challenges, will you be implicated needlessly? If everyone around you is able to shoulder their responsibilities, will you be laden? But what if you are the one who is not able to handle your issues and challenges? What if you are the one not able to uphold that responsibility? What if, like them, you are waiting for someone else to come along and carry that cross for you?

How to Handle Criticism to Change

Criticism is different than feedback because it feels painful, raw and personal. Ridicule hurts because it makes us feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. We question the original decision to step up and be different.

Create Your Life On Purpose: Prepare For Opportunity

An illuminative series that aims to equip readers with the insights they need, and tips for the practical steps of faith they can take, to move forward into their dream life. This series will illustrate from my own personal life experience how I developed a confidence in and a working knowledge of spiritual wisdom, understanding and science (also known as the Law Of Attraction) and am progressively creating the life of my dreams.

Emulating The Great Senior Citizens We See

There are many great people around us who could be role models to help us become better people. Senior citizens can be looked to as these people.

The Power of Your True Self

Truly the key to living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life is to be able to have a strong connection with your true self. This connection enables you to tap into the power and potential of higher consciousness and ultimately be guided to make decisions and follow a path that is right and true for you.

Achieving Change

There are certain basic principles for achieving personal change, including transforming one’s vocabulary; formulating a new self-definition; finding physical changes to accompany the psychological; and creating appropriate inner images. These principles are illustrated in a discussion of achieving flexibility.

Pusher Vs Brat

Some of us push and push ourselves to do just a little bit more of what we do not want to be doing. This over-burdened and stressed-thin man finds a way out.

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