The Easiest and Fastest Way to Manifest Your Soulmate Explained!

Green Light to Your Last Third of Life

So what would you do if you were guaranteed 100 years to live? How would you play the game?

Scratch That Itch – Make A Change

Finding our purpose in life or fulfilling a dream is often a lifelong journey. Sadly, often it dies untapped. But many of us know that itchy place, and we’re this close, if only we could reach out and give it a good scratch. Better hurry.

Realize Your Dream: 5 Steps to Visualize Your Dream Into Life

A visual representation of your dream is a powerful thing. Make every effort you can to create a vision board that attracts into your life what you dream of. All you need is a bunch of magazines, some construction paper, glue and a pair of scissors.

A Better Job

Deciding what we do for a living, and doing it are very important. They deserve continuing time and preparation.

The Individual in a Seven Billion World Society

In a world containing seven billion people it is still important to realize that every individual is unique. We should avoid just being driven along with crowd and being manipulated by commercial entities or government meddling.

Happiness – No Size Fits

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. It is the main purpose of life; the very heart of being human. To seek happiness and avoid suffering are things shared by all of us.

Top Four Techniques in Enhancing Your Personal and Spiritual Growth

As you get older, things get more complicated. It becomes harder to feel fulfilled and happy. If you are at a point in your life when you think that nothing seems to be going right, it is time to aim for personal and spiritual growth. It is a good practice to attain this even when you are contended with everything that is happening in your life. It is just that most people would only be reminded about it when they are at the lowest points of their lives.

Greatness Comes From High Standards

Although many individuals claim that they aspire to become great or to achieve a certain level of greatness, their actions often do not jive with their stated aspirations. In order to be truly great, one needs to commit wholeheartedly and entirely commit to maintaining the highest of personal standards. Some of the necessary components for this to occur include: never settle for less than one’s personal best efforts or results; highest ethics and ethical beliefs/ standards; absolute personal integrity; true maintenance of true empathy; and, maintaining a positive vision, goal, and proactive attitude and behavior.

How to Reveal the Gift in the Undesirable

Life’s challenges always contain meaning-even a gift, if you are willing to look for it. I think wanting to have control over the outcome (and I face this most often in parenting) is rooted in the false belief that to make a mistake or to fall short of one’s expectations is a bad thing.

Reasons to Do Things You Don’t Want to Do Sometimes

Many of us want to be popular, liked, respected, but how much does doing things we don’t want to do affect the choices we make? Let’s have a look at the importance of sometimes doing things we don’t want to do.

10 of the Best Ways to Consider Consideration

As you go about your day, consider being thoughtful to someone else. You’d be surprised how easy it is to make a person feel special with one simple action or word from you. Being considerate of each other has become a thing of the past for many; however, there are many MORE people who are kind, selfless, and understanding of another human being.

Five Ways to Present Your Best Self and Create Harmony in Your Relationships

Have you ever stopped to just listen to yourself? Do you communicate well with others? Do you show love and support through the way you talk and act? Do you even recognize how you show up for yourself, and whether you are doing yourself a disservice in those moments? Consider the idea that when one chooses bad behavior, in part or in whole, it is a reflection of one’s character.

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