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5 Signs of Authenticity

News flash. Not everyone around you lives an authentic lifestyle and not everyone cares to. Authentic just means…

3 Types of Attachments

I have been thinking a lot lately about attachments. It is no surprise to me when I start to think about a topic, that somehow it starts showing up everywhere. Does that ever happen to you?

Top Tips For Personal And Career Development You Should Know

If you are operating your own business, it is not enough that you look for the business solutions or strategies that can boost your company’s profits. It is equally important that you grab hold of the best tips for personal growth and development you need to master in order to maximize your potential as a business owner at the same time. Here are just a few tips that you may find useful as far as developing your personality is concerned:

Negative Past Experiences

Limiting beliefs prevent you from moving forward. You want to succeed but you don’t know if you can. You might make a mistake and lose everything you ever had. But these doubts are not legit. They are acquired by unforgiven past experiences. Forgive yourself, forget about the past, and keep moving forward.

Can You Change Reality With the Power of the Mind?

For the last decade or so, we’ve all been hearing about the law of attraction and how it will bring us our wants and desires without fail just by using the power of the mind.  For some of us though, this would seem to be a case of wishful thinking. There may be an inner feeling, or have learned through life’s trials, that receiving our desires isn’t as simple as visualizing it into our reality.

Become Your Own Events Manager

Are you constantly trying to manage your time and to find more hours in a day? Do YOU keep disappearing from your agenda? Become the events manager of your life!

Take It to the Sandbox

A sandbox is a safe place where you can play. As an adult on a healing journey, you can use a sandbox to work things through, to change and tweak ideas until they look and feel like the way we want. Comfortable is the operative word, but growth is enabled in a safe, gentle way.

The Devil in the Choices

We all make choices but sometimes we are not aware of the driving force behind them. This article looks at how we can get drawn into situations and make choices without realising we are actually choosing our actions. It’s time to become more aware of what we do, and what we think.

Importance of Women in Men’s Life

Creation of a woman was necessity and requirement to fulfill the partnership with man. Since the advent of a woman, it is evidently established that she is going to play a pivotal role in her spouse’s life. Notwithstanding, she will be shaping her own personality in the society in a meaningful and dominant fashion.

Slow Down: A Painless Alternative

Does slowing down mean that you achieve less? Can you achieve more by slowing down?

How To Master Self-Discipline

Having self-discipline is important and powerful, but it’s not the easiest thing in the world to obtain. Self-discipline can be defined as the ability to do what it takes – whatever it takes to accomplish your goals no matter what manner obstacle stands in your way. Maybe it involves saying no to the thing that you want, or maybe it involves saying yes to those things that you hate.

4 Ways to Implement Patience TODAY

Patience is a virtue that most of us tend to give up on. It is easier to just be frustrated rather than patient. In this article, you will learn 4 ways to implement patience before even walking away from the computer.

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