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Managing Personal Change – Why We Can Be Taught Yet We Still Won’t Change

From a change management perspective, and in my own view Professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey in their latest book: “Immunity to Change – How To Overcome It and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organization” have addressed one of the cornerstones of successfully leading, managing and surviving change, namely: Organisations change when people change. This puts the whole business of managing personal change on the map and thus on the agenda for the business world.

Work Well at Your Life and Your Life Will Work Well for You

Details matter. Persistence counts. Hurdles can be overcome or avoided. Setbacks may slow you down, but you can still accomplish your career dreams. This article offers practical advice for how to fulfill all your youthful career goals, even long after you are no longer a youth.

Take Your Life Back!

How often do you wish you could take back your life? I have had times when I felt the same way with no visible means to do so.

How One Simple NLP Technique Helped Me to Earn Over $300,000

There is an awful lot of hype and nonsense around the idea of NLP. Practitioners and those with an NLP product to sell often appear to be making exaggerated claims and seriously “over-egging” it. No amount of NLP is going to make me a great sportsman. Why? Because I do not have the talent! I have 2 left feet. What NLP can do is give you a powerful and easy to use tool for controlling your emotional state at will and on demand, and thus allowing you to do whatever you are good at to the very best of your ability. This is my true story.

Self Talk – How I Dealt With The Ghost In My Machine

It comes as a frightening realisation when we first come to terms with the fact that, contrary to what we like to think, we are not really free agents. In western culture especially, the celebration of individualism – a belief that is deeply embedded in our culture – deludes us into believing that we masters of our own destiny. In fact, we think very little for ourselves, well over 90% of the choices and decisions that we make are not “free choices” and most are not even conscious choices.

Regular And Punctual

At the outset, regular signifies, a person keeps his or her commitments based on the promise without deviating from its intended path. These commitments are fulfilled and communicated both personally or remotely. What signifies are the time and place of fulfillment. The regularity determines a person’s character and the commitments to keep up his or her promise. The habit of becoming regular in his or her day to day life makes him dependable and reliable. These adjectives are added to the person’s character making him or her reputable person who keeps the promise and commitments.

Talking Is Good for Your Health

A friend just shared an email with me…a Stanford University psychiatry professor has discovered that women actually improve their health by connecting with their female friends! It’s exciting news that confirms what women have instinctively known all along – that our close friendships nurture and sustain us. Now there is proof that women’s bodies release more serotonin (a hormone that makes us feel good) when they are sharing and connecting with close female friends.

Overcoming Challenges Quotes To Help You Conquer Difficulties In Life

Whenever I feel like giving up, I read my collection of overcoming challenges quotes and that alone boosts my morale sky high. These words have the power to change perspectives and empower many.

The Faulty Stories We Tell Ourselves

Even the most successful people, with brilliant professional histories, carry old stories in their minds. One of the most commonly shared (and seriously flawed) beliefs is that simply spending time on something will generate positive results. High-quality, focused energy is necessary to achieving results. The key to almost all of our problems, more fundamental even than poor energy management, is faulty storytelling, because it’s storytelling that drives the way we gather and spend our energy. To generate the energy you need to fulfill your greatest desires and goals, you must identify your faulty stories This article suggests 3 steps to rewrite your faulty stories, to inspire more energy and to create the life you want.

How to Deal With Psychic Vampires in Our World Today

Energy is a basic building block of life and without it we are dead. Some people require far more energy that others just to exist, and they can suck the energy out of those around them just by being nearby.

Do You Need a To Pay for Your Personal Development?

‘How do I choose a personal development course, I want to learn more this year, but there are too many options to choose from’, that was an email I received recently. Good question, and below is part of my reply. As a personal development trainer my journey has led me to try out a range of therapies, treatments, courses, ideas and theories over the years.

Top Four Tips To An Optimal College Experience

The top four tips for a new college student to get the most out of their experience. Learn how you can make your college experience, an optimal college experience.

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