Taurus New Moon (time stamped)

My Empathic Self

My True Self is my Empathic Self. Empathising with my Self requires me to know my Self and to be there with my Self. It requires the empathy of my Soul.

A Wandering Mind and a Tractor Inspired Me

As I was watching the winter rye being cut and blown into the chopper wagons yesterday I was thinking about a lot of different things, but something worth sharing is the thought about life being like a chopper wagon. Be patient with me – I find farming incredibly amazing and rewarding in so many ways and even if you know nothing about farming, I hope you find the analogy inspiring.

Thought, Action, Habit And Character Equals Destiny

How many times have you heard someone refer to fate, or one’s destiny, either as a positive or negative factor impacting their results, or their luck? Either fortunately or unfortunately, our destiny is a result of what we do, and who we are. Results happen for reasons, which almost invariably are because of a thought (or thoughts), the actions taken (or avoided), what becomes our habit, how our character evolves, and the combination of these variables.

The Natural Courage of Introverts

Introverts are not timid! Discover the natural courage of those who live on the quieter side of life.

Why Are Self Regard, Flexibility and Assertiveness Important?

Human emotions and behaviour have been interconnected long before humans had the sense to comprehend the meaning of these terms or for that matter, had even coined these terms. Ignorance about something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Its eventual discovery however, leads to better understanding about the effects of the process on our lives and optimises possibilities for better use.

Personal Strengths: How Strong Are Yours?

The personal strengths that each of us possesses are made up of many qualities. They fall into two general categories; personal skills and personal characteristics. The former consists of skills which are usually learned, such as writing, teaching, speaking, etc., while the latter consists of characteristics which are usually inborn, such as empathy, amiability, integrity, etc.

Personality Traits of Introverts: Are You One of Us?

Most people who do not know me that well think I’m a snob because I usually have this poker face on whenever I’m surrounded with strangers. It was worse before I got into college. I wouldn’t even crack a smile.

5 Tips To Boost Your Basketball Game To Improve

Playing basketball is actually a workout that can burn up more than 700 calories in an hour if played well. All aspects of the game, such as shooting, dribbling and passing constitute a great physical workout that will keep your body fit. However, in order to improve your game, you may need to do more than dribble and shoot.

Scooby Ears and Eyes

“Scooby Ears and Eyes” is a metaphor for your “Reticular Activating System” or RAS. This is part of the brain filters out the things that are important to you and which you have to focus on. By developing your Scooby Ears and Eyes, you can get more of the things you want out of life.

How to Conquer Mountain Problems Using Your God-Given Authority

Vicki Heymann had a problem living in Zululand, Natal, South Africa. She had to deal with the flood rains that would make it difficult for her truck lacking four wheel drive to take her children to their school bus stop. She lived high upon a mountain and when it rained it made it hard to keep her truck from getting stuck in the mud going down the incline of the slippery gravel road to the bus stop at the bottom of the mountain. Her husband couldn’t take the children to their school bus stop because he went to work too early.

Was I Born Unlucky or Is Luck an Attitude of Mind?

Some people feel that they were born unlucky, that nothing ever goes right for them. Other people are more philosophical and treat setbacks as a part of life, as something that needs to be dealt with and learned from. Let’s look at luck.

Wondering Which Way Is Right?

Have you ever wondered which way is right? Whenever confronted with two or more options, do you know which option to choose? It is very common for most to question what to do in any given situation. Read on and learn some practical tips for decisions in life.

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