Tap Into Your Divine Feminine Energies for Manifestation | International Women’s Day Special

Being Acutely Aware Leads To Success

I have been having some interesting conversations lately with women that come from all walks of life – different generations, locations, nationalities, students, executives, etc. Through these talks, I have become aware of a few things that seem to be holding women back. Some of it may be a “sign of the times” but other observations are ones that we don’t even realize we are doing.

Knowing the God We Serve

Do you long to serve God but find yourself hedging, just in case. Could it be that because God doesn’t always come through as you expect, you just don’t trust Him? Do you believe that God can answer prayer but maybe He won’t for you? Many people have this problem. Learning more about God’s character can help assuage our feelings of doubt and make it easier to love and serve God with an undivided heart.

How to Overcome Indecision and Doubt

Learn how to overcome being stuck in indecision by developing your intuition and connecting to your higher guidance. Techniques are given as well as a brief explanation of what intuition and higher guidance are.

Deprogramming Codependent Beliefs

Codependency is based on false, dysfunctional beliefs that are learned from our parents and environment. Recovery entails changing those beliefs, the most damaging of which is that we’re not worthy of love and respect – that we’re somehow inadequate, inferior, or just not enough. This is internalized shame. Learn to identify and challenge these assumed beliefs, and see how your life will change.

The Conundrums of Most Religions That May Provoke Profound Periods of Perplexing Ponderance:-O

With over 4200 religions and over 33,000 versions of Christianity, all claiming to be the only way to avoid eternal damnation. Where do you invest the perspectives of your eternal nature on this Earthy existence? Even Buddhism has it’s conundrums of which I clarify within this article. Read this deeply spiritual article with focused contemplation so that you may find the Enlightening answers to the questions most ‘seek’ about Life and beyond, and one’s place in the timeless wonder of it all.

The Universal and the Particular

When you write or speak about personal growth you encounter two jostling rocks which you need to negotiate your way through. On the one hand, in your attempts to systematize or plot a course in order to give some form to the inner journey, you specify and simplify elements and sign posts. On the other hand, you must never lose sight of the individual’s uniqueness.

Dr. Romance on Winning the War Within

Do you sometimes feel locked in a struggle with yourself? I know I do. Why is it that we know what we want to do, but it’s such a struggle to actually get it done?

Emotional-Behavioral Patterns

Emotional-behavioral patterns seem, on the face of it, to bypass some important aspects of human psychology. Although these patterns are not a specialty in human psychology, our observation of human behavior, both inner and outer, leads us, fairly soon, to observe the repetitive nature of human beings.

Traits of a Self Directed Learner

In this short article, Paul examined what it takes to become a self-directed workplace learner and shares his personal experience of self-learning over the last twenty-five years. In the modern workplace, training departments are moving away from being the giver of training more to the provider of opportunities which staff can use to achieve their workplace goals.

A Nonjudgmental Person Is Present-Moment Oriented

The present is all you have. Stop judging. Stop judging others and stop judging yourself. Remember, the Universe is perfect and everything happens for a reason. God is teaching great lessons that if you see them in the events, you will grow spiritually. Relax, enjoy, grow and live always in the present.

How Not to Take Yourself So Seriously: 5 Practices

Last week I was offered another lesson at the indoor pool where I swim. Sunday, it seems, has become everyone’s favorite day. The pool was packed. Lane designations are important when it’s crowded, and two lanes are reserved for slower, leisurely swimmers–like me. So, I was in the first leisure lane with two other swimmers, while another very slow swimmer was in the second lane. Things were flowing well until three guys got into the second leisure lane with the slower swimmer. They were much faster and kept running into him–literally. I got upset and finally spoke to the guys…

When You Have It All – Then What?

Acceptance Truth Joy Peace I was directed to take a break and listen to my heart’s desire and sense of what it needs to be free. Without acceptance to break free, I would never know.

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