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An Alternative New Year’s Ritual – The One Word Theme

Around this time of year when we flip the calendar from one year to the next, most people make a long list of New Year’s Resolutions. It is a noble idea in theory, but often in practice, doesn’t amount to much. Resolutions often get cast aside and discarded, making their creators feel inadequate and unproductive.

Needs: Why Do Some People Feel Guilty For Putting Their Needs First?

There are some people who are able to put their needs first and to be there for others when it is possible. In this case, it shows that they are comfortable with their own needs and don’t feel the need to ignore them.

5 Simple Ways to Take Full Control of Your Life In 2015

The truth about life is that at every point, you are either in control or out of control. When you are out of control, you feel you are have no power over the outcomes of your life, your feel victimized by happenings, circumstances or people. This is not to say that certain things will not happen to you that may be beyond your immediate control.

When You’re Broken Down In Tiny Pieces – What Can Help You Mend?

What breaks the human spirit to a point where it feels like we have shattered into tiny pieces? Many times it is a single significant event, like learning that the love of your life no longer cares or the death of someone you cherish. But frequently, it happens when we begin to feel like life has become a battering ram that has persistently beaten us into little pieces of who we used to be. How can we put the pieces back together again?

Learning to Accept Help

Some things are hard for an independent spirited person to do. One of them is to exchange “no, thank you” for “yes, thank you.”

7 ACTIONS For Overcoming Your Fears

Each of us either have, experience or feel fear either in certain situations, or under some scenarios or conditions. Having a fear (or fears) has nothing to do with one’s overall courage, ability or chances to succeed, but rather it is how we proceed to overcome these, and transform them into additional strengths, experiences, and inevitable expertise, that determines how we will end up. Only when we begin by admitting that it is normal to have some fears, and that we possess some, and make the decision to proceed forward in a direction that propels us towards our goals and…

The Mortal Danger in Feeling Insignificant

Insignificant; unimportant, irrelevant, inconsequential… perhaps even invisible. How is it that a child who is born with such great promise; arriving filled with hopes and dreams and a life filled with opportunity, arrives at such a desperate and demeaning misperception of who they are? What danger lies within this kind of hopelessness?

2.5 – Prepare for Action: Establish Principles

“Would you like to know a quick and easy way to discern right from wrong?” I asked the students in a college class I was teaching. Every head bobbed enthusiastically up and down indicating they were interested.

5 Ways To LEARN What’s Right

How often have you engaged in, or heard endless discussions about what’s right versus what’s wrong? However, unless we are able and willing to differentiate between these two, as well as those issues that fall in – between, as well as, realizing we must clearly become capable of, at least knowing ourselves well enough, to look internally, in terms of what we personally consider right or wrong, we might not instantly focus on doing the right thing. I strongly believe that having this inner strength that is derived from better knowing oneself, and thus have developed this simple, basic, mnemonic…

Regret: Are Regrets Good Or Bad?

Although life is rarely black and white, it doesn’t mean that some people won’t see it as being this way. And while most people are going to see it this way from time to, there are going to be others who are unable to see it differently.

Celebrate Diversity This Month

I recently listened to an audio class about the ascent of the planet Venus in the evening sky. Each month as Venus meets the new moon, she passes through another “gate” that corresponds to the chakras in the human body.

Is There Such a Thing As Family Karma?

Like many people, I have concluded there is family karma. Paraphrasing the bible, it states, “The sins of the father will be visited upon by the descendants even until the third and fourth generation.” I never really understood this quote until recently.

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