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What Has Waiting Cost You?

Fear makes us do all kinds of things: avoid, procrastinate, suppress our feelings, stay in an unhealthy relationship, and rationalize why you “shouldn’t” follow your dreams (to name a few). When we don’t DO something about our fear, it keeps us stuck right where we are, in the comfort of waiting rather than doing. You can wait until the cows to come home. But they never do. What is waiting costing you?

7 Days To A More Fulfilled You

Assess yourself. Honestly assess yourself. How happy and fulfilled are you? Are you rushing through life without taking time to savor little moments? Are you living by standards you set or standards that were set for you? Give yourself a break. Choose one of these small indulgences to implement each day. Then re-assess yourself in a week.

The Value of Your Life’s Journey and Your Personal Growth and Development

How you perceive yourself and your success will dictate the steps you take on Your Life’s Journey and how it will affect your personal growth and development. Your real personal growth and development is all about translating your life’s lessons to your current situation and working out the best way to use these lessons to be successful in where you want to go today and working towards finding out what is your purpose in life. Our life’s experiences are what shapes us, either we learn from them and grow or we let them get us down and blame something or someone.

Stop Comparing Youself to Others and Start Accepting You and Your Unique Qualities

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others? Is it easier for you to see someone else’s positive traits rather than your own? Well it is time to stop! It is time to change this and start focusing on your gifts, talents and skills. Redirect your attention back to yourself. Pay attention to where you put your mental focus. Bring your focus back to the truth about you. Learn that you are good enough just as you are.

Do You ADDRESS Your Needs?

Far too often, individuals spend a disproportionate amount of their time and their emphasis focusing on pleasing others, rather than taking a deeper, more introspective look and discovering what your personal goals, needs and aspirations are. Sometimes, it is just as essential to not only determine these components, but to also examine why these are important to you personally. When the focus is on pleasing others, conforming or being politically correct (PC), rather than pleasing and satisfying yourself in a meaningful manner, the result is often a personally self – destructive one, where we develop inner conflicts between what we…

How Does Masculine Energy Support You?

These days, women have a lot of gripes with men: They don’t communicate their feelings, They don’t help around the house, They let the kids get away with murder or are too hard on them, They don’t appreciate us enough, They’re cranky, They’re not romantic, They only want to watch tv and have sex. You could probably add your own complaints to the list.

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem – The Real Way to Get It

“9 Self-assuring Affirmations for When You Need a Little Boost,” boasted the headline. I clicked on it hoping I might learn something new. I didn’t.

Ways to Protect Yourself Emotionally

Here are three different ways to protect yourself emotionally. The first two involve shutting off mentally or physically. Only the third option deals with talking things through as and when needed, in an adult fashion. Which option is most like you?

Lifting the Veil – The Quantum Attributes That Connect Us to Our Higher Self Forever

So many incomprehensible things happen in our world today. Senseless murders, child abuse, even crimes against humanity. Why? Why, if our planet is moving into the new energy that is so much more benevolent, does this continue to happen? What is the method for us to really reach out and hold onto the powerful and benevolent force of our higher self?

Communicating With Your Innate – How to Use Quantum Energy For Healing and Learning

The new ideas and opportunities that we have been discussing the quantum attributes of are not new. We have always had the opportunity to talk to our DNA and our innate. Is there a difference now? What are they, and how can we enjoy the benefits in a practical way?

Conspiracy Theorists – How to Believe One Theory From Another

There are so many conspiracy theories out there. What can you truly believe?

Is Your Career Success Lens On Straight?

If you do not see yourself the same way that your boss sees you then your career is in trouble. Be accountable for your own success, take charge of your career and make sure you truly are meeting the expectations of your employer.

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