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Successful Transitions: The Opportunity to Rewrite Your Life Story

Life is full of changes, big and small… all shapes and sizes. Some changes are welcomed; others range from inconvenient to catastrophic. You’ve reached a career dead-end, how do you make a job transition? Your heart was broken into a million pieces, how do you survive the days ahead? You’re being transferred across country and have to uproot your entire family, how do you face the challenges before you? How do you survive the changes?

Marley and Me

You may have read the book or watched the famous movie about the love and loss of a dog named Marley. I, too, had a Marley. A beautiful fourteen year old golden retriever who was given to me as a birthday present by my fiance, and named by our daughter who wanted a sister named Marley; long before the book or the movie was popular. The inspiration for my article is bitter sweet. Today, Valentine’s Day, we had to say good bye to Marley.

Are You the Cause of the Problem?

Problems and challenging situations are inevitable. That is true for your professional as well as for your personal life. The question is how you deal with the challenges effectively. A typical human reaction to difficult situations is to blame other people. Often we see ourselves as victims of the circumstances. But is that true? In most cases it is not. In any unpleasant situation you have to ask yourself first: in how far am I part of the problem? What part of the problem am I causing myself? And as inconvenient as it may be, we have to be brutally honest with the answer.

How to Avoid Priority Pitfalls and Stay Focused on Your Goals

Traditional goal setting wisdom promises that if you establish priorities you’ll enjoy higher achievement levels and sense of accomplishment. All you have to do is write out your to-do list, prioritize it by order of importance and then tackle it, right? Then why, year after year, are many of the same things still on your goal list? And why, after a busy day do you feel exhausted and wonder why, “I didn’t get anything done today”? If you find day after day you’re not making progress on your goals, then you may have fallen victim to one or more of the following Priority Pitfalls.

How Do I Define Myself

Take a lesson from Elvis Presley: Learn to define your own worth, instead of having to ask others, “Who am I?” Learn how!

The Benefits of an Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is an attitude that is an acknowledgement of benefits that we have or will about to receive. There is power in Gratitude. It is a power that I have used to improve my life in the last few years.I’d like to share some examples from my gratitude diary and also share how each entry had an impact on my life.

Navigating the Maelstrom

Living in the everchanging, often topsy turvy world we do, how are we to navigate our way through it? Are there attitudes and behaviors that can help? The author believes the answer is yes and offers some advice to get you started.

How To Stop Seeing Life As Hard

If you feel closed off, protected, or withdrawn, you can physically change this feeling in yourself. You can bring more awareness into your life by purposefully opening yourself up to the world. This can be done in stages and through many steps. It is important to know that when we are withholding ourselves, what we are really doing is trying to protect ourselves. So to substantiate this feeling, we look at the world as a place that is fundamentally hard or that is against us in some way.

Journey to an Open Mind

If anyone were to ask me, I don’t think I’d acknowledge ever thinking of my head as being empty. However, upon coming across this quote by Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990) one day, I was compelled to give it some consideration. That is, no more than I could think of my head as ever being full. I don’t think that’s not the point of what he was saying though. To me he’s referring to the journey from ignorance to enlightenment. And that’s what education can, and should accomplish.

What Does Love Look Like?

Today is the day that millions of people celebrate love! The retail industry is projecting that they will earn billions of dollars on today as men and women hurry to purchase roses, candy, flowers, jewelry, dinners and all sorts of gifts to bestow upon their beloved. Yet, there are millions of women who will feel left out, depressed and cheated because they are not receiving any roses at work, or no one is asking them out to dinner.

Be a Better Person: Tips for Personal Improvement

There are countless opportunities for you to become a better and brighter individual. Read on to learn concrete tips for doing so.

7 Essentials to Pack for Your Journey of Success

Success is a journey not a destination right? As with any journey there are essentials that you must pack. Without them you will not get very far. Here are 7 essential attributes you need to progress your Journey of success.

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