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What If Tomorrow Never Came: How To Build Your Legacy

If tomorrow never came, what would you be leaving behind for the world to remember you by? This is something that has probably crossed your mind before. However, what are you currently doing to ensure the legacy you are en-route to, is one you can be proud of?

Laying the Foundation of Structure

Have you ever stopped in the middle of the rat race and thought, “What could I be doing if I didn’t have to be doing what I am doing right now?” This article gives you some thoughts on how to begin the process of developing a foundation of achievement. If you lay the proper foundation and construct a durable structure, one that can withstand the winds and rain, you will be a person of influence. Failure to lay a solid foundation put your influence and achievement in jeopardy.

Loneliness: The Constant Heartache Column 2

More than one out of three adults 45 and older reported they were chronically lonely, according to a survey done by the A.A.R.P. in 2010. The definition given for “chronically lonely” makes the report even sadder; chronically lonely means they have been lonely for a long time.

What’s Your ADVANTAGE?

How could anyone optimize his potential until and unless he becomes both willing and able to become objectively introspective, thus permitting him to discover his personal strengths and weaknesses? Common sense should dictate that unless you know these, it would become nearly impossible to use one’s strengths to their maximum potential, while addressing one’s weaknesses, and proactively taking action to transform these from a disadvantage to one’s personal advantage. Each of us have to know our personal ADVANTAGE, and our mnemonic advantage is to examine the concept by the letters.

2014 Horoscopes and Psychic Messages for the Astrological Signs

Personal guidance and horoscopes for 2014, by astrological sign. Learn what creates success for you this year!

What Is the Strongest Emotion? Fear, Jealously or Embarrassment?

When asked “What is the strongest emotion?” differing opinion exist. Through research in this modern day society, it seems the strongest emotion is highly subjective to the individual and while one will say fear, another might say jealously and yet another might say that love overrides them all. But what about embarrassment as an emotion?

Allowing Yourself A Beginner’s Mind

Beginner’s mind is a perception that would make many of our lives better if we embraced it. Beginner’s mind comprises the concept of growing. It embraces the idea that we learn better when we are gentle with ourselves. What a marvelous idea! Why don’t we employ this line of reasoning everywhere in our lives? Why do we expect ourselves to be perfect the first time out of the starting gate?

Create Personal Development Goals And Join The Elite

Why do some people do what others would consider is impossible? I believe that each of us is born with abilities and power we would not dream of, until we start to think about and study the possibilities.

Do You Get Frustrated TRYING To Be Patient? Here’s Another Approach

Even though I live a five-minute drive from the nearest park… today it took me FORTY-FIVE minutes to get there! My very spirited and sweet pooch has become rather stubborn with a few bad habits and I finally became willing to take action.

The Single Path to Inner Peace

In this crazy world, we find countless ways offered to find peace and contentment. On every billboard, in every commercial, in every ad we are promised peace.

5 Things Successful People Do Differently

Successful people aren’t different from you and me. It’s the things that they do differently, which makes them reach their goals and enjoy success. Read about 5 things that successful people do differently.

Who Is Your Oracle: Finding Your Inner Voice for the New Year

As you enter the New Year, you may have a desire to assess what you want to change in your life. This article gives three steps which can lead to a deeper understanding of how to access your intuitive voice, the oracle within, which helps guide you to achieve your goals.

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