Success Is NOT About Motivation

The Scary Thing About Loneliness In Women

Loneliness in women is a growing problem all across the world. Even in nations where women’s rights are respected, validated, and even celebrated, women can find themselves longing for something that is missing. There are many causes and contributions to the feeling of loneliness that are true of both women and men.

What Is Causing The Loneliness And Isolation Problems In America?

Loneliness and isolation are two separate circumstances that are often linked together because of how one can lead to the other so easily. Many Americans experience isolation every day of their lives, often in a self imposed state. As technologies have improved along with “social networking,” more Americans are finding themselves isolated from real human contact.

Contributing Factors To The Loneliness In Men

Men may hide their emotions a lot, but that in no way means they don’t have them. In fact, loneliness, while it can seem like a facade of impenetrability is actually a result of depression. The inability to get close to another person is rooted in a fear of failure and rejection that keeps some men lonely as a defense mechanism. With more and more loneliness out there in the world today, men suffer from locking everything up inside of them and thinking that no attention is good attention.

Success Is Measured Between the Lines

Growing up, I often heard from my parents, teachers, and coaches, that I could be anything that I wanted to be, that success was within my grasp if I put my mind to it, worked and studied hard. “THINK BIG,” they said. I could be an accountant, lawyer, CEO, doctor, pilot, professional football player (my idea), ________ (you fill in the blank). Magazines, newspapers, radio and television screamed out and reinforced the idea that to be successful I had to own a big home, live in the best neighbourhood, drive a big car(s), eat at the best restaurants, join the best clubs, have season tickets to the theatre, travel to exotic climates.

What Are You Passionate About?

For some people this question feels frustrating and overwhelming. What do you do if you’ve always lived your life doing what other people want and being who other people expect you to be?

Why Is It You No Longer Have Anything in Common With People You Thought Were Life Long Friends?

What about life long friends that have been very close to you, but now it seems you no longer have anything in common with? I see people struggling with this and wondering what they should do. Well, as we know, 2012 is a year of tremendous shifts in consciousness. However, not everybody is progressing at the same speed or even heading in the same direction. Right?

The Differences Between Loneliness And Solitude

Loneliness is a condition that affects millions of people all over the world. It doesn’t seem to matter what they do, where they go, or who they talk to, they just can’t shake that unmistakable feeling that no one understands the things they experience or go through. Loneliness is an emotional state that can create turmoil in the life of an otherwise healthy person.

The Correlation Between Love And Loneliness

Love is a many splendored thing, it has been said. But what about when it is not? A life without love has long been thought of as a lonely life.

Feelings Of Isolation And Loneliness

Loneliness and isolation can go hand in hand, and often do. The feeling of being alone, and the reality of it, seem to correlate well together. With millions and millions of Americans and people all over the globe suffering from loneliness each year, it is hard to quantify what a victim of this condition “looks like.

Are You Thinking Too Small?

Great success is about believing that you can do so much more. It is about taking the limits off and letting yourself go after what you really want with a belief you will get it. We have become a nation that settles for less than we can have – thinking way to small. We have allowed the tough times to make us think smaller instead of bigger. We have allow the world to hold us back. We have slowed our thinking so we all are thinking small – that way everyone can keep up.

How to Learn From Everyday Experience

Experience is highly valued in the jobs market and it’s something that you can’t easily buy. However, the value of your experience is not measured in how many years you’ve been in a career or in how many companies you’ve worked for, the value of your experience is in what you have learned from it.

Unemployment – Surviving the Insanity

Unemployment can be devastating for a job seeker’s confidence, life happiness and fulfillment. Mary Beth’s story is very common among job seekers. As you read about Mary Beth, you will learn tools and tricks of the trade on how to keep your sanity.

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