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Transcending Duality

Duality – This past year I have been looking at Duality. Sun/Moon. Kidneys/Adrenals.

My Three Foot World

Some military training applies to civilian life too. Relaxing and handling fear is an important skill set to develop. Some things we learn improve everything we do.

How to Have a Balanced Life

A balanced life is a state of being at peace with the physical, mental, financial, spiritual and social/emotional aspects of your life. They may not share equal status or ranked in some order of priority, but not one or two are to be given more emphasis to the detriment, or omission of the others. You may not give them equal measure, but you must never miss one either, or you will be living on an uneven keel.

5 Steps to Improve Your Beliefs

We change our belief about best business practices, what to wear, what’s the best wine. Honestly, are any of you dressing the same way you did in the 1970’s? I doubt it, but please, send pics if you are! Most of us update our beliefs all the time. Unfortunately, we don’t often update the ones that matter. Our beliefs in life should be based on the best information available to us at any given time. Since we constantly gain new information, it’s only logical that our beliefs should be constantly evolving.

Work Is a Job, A Career or a Vocation

My Work can be a job, it can be a career or it can be a vocation. They all follow different paths of development. My education, my class and my belief system determine my choice for me.

Define Your Life Then Design Your Life – Part 1

Define your life then design your life, in simple terms, figure out who you are so you can then work out who you want to be. If you found this article searching either Define Your Life, or Design Your Life, you are obviously in a place where you are looking for change. That in itself is a positive step!

The Secret to Absolute Personal Freedom

Many of us spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think of us. We don’t try to, but it seems to be a built in behavior we just consider normal. The truth is we really don’t experience inner personal freedom until we learn to let go of what others think of us and live our lives for who we are and what makes us happy. If you are always worrying about what others think, I invite you to have a look at my article on this topic. It might just help you gain your absolute personal freedom once and for all.

Being 19

The thoughts of a 19 year old; memories, uncertainty, envy, regret and responsibility. I have always had a passion for writing, I have always been a huge worrier so I decided to mix them together and use writing to aid my worry. I love life but sometimes need to scream for no reason; sudden desire to take up boxing to release what’s inside me and even thoughts of not bothering anymore.

The Hero and The Coward

All of us have two personalities within us: the hero and the coward. In times of adversity, all of us are faced with a decision of who we will be. When adversity strikes, who will you choose to be?

Personal Transformation Through Relationships

How can our relationships teach us about ourselves? How can mindfulness be used to enhance my relationships?

Achieve Balance With Insights From Your Hidden Wisdom

Neglecting any one area of your life can lead to dissatisfaction with your story and imbalances that can no longer be ignored. To achieve balance, you have to address all the chapters in your story and work at making them satisfying.

Spiritual Awakening DIY

For thousands of years, philosophers searched far and wide for the philosopher’s stone that would help them transform base metals like lead into gold. Finally, the answer to one of life’s greatest mysteries will be unveiled! What is the philosopher’s stone?

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