Story of My 20s: How I Created My Dream Life ๐ŸŒค

Conflict Resolution Techniques Motivated By Dogs And Dolphins

Enlightening PERSPECTIVES on conflict resolution have been influenced in me by the spiritual essence of animals, like dogs and dolphins, too. Does peace ever occur in the external or is the idea of “peace” the ego’s way of saying, my way? A Course in Miracles teaches that, “There is a deep responsibility you owe yourself, and one you must learn to remember all the time.” Perhaps peace has actually been here and within us forever and is merely waiting for us to reach inward in all scenarios.

An Extraordinary Life Cannot Be Acquired In School

It seems pretty evident that an extraordinary life cannot be acquired in school. However, children and young people are often taught that studying and working hard will eventually lead them to success. The irony of it all is that people who are not doing so well in school usually finish by making it in life.

How To Transit From Youth To Adulthood

To transit from youth to adulthood and self-reliance can be challenging for any young person. It was the case for me. But what productive habits change young people into adults? And why should any young person listen to an older one about the best way to become a grown-up?

When It’s Time to Shift Priorities

I’m a perfectionist. Always have been. And sometimes it drives me crazy. The area of ‘perfection’ that I’m addressing today is the appearance of my home. As I just mentioned, it’s been one of my ‘key’ focus areas, and today it so remains but I’m beginning to rethink its placement on my list. That doesn’t mean I no longer care what it looks like; instead, it just means it no longer needs to look like a museum at all times of the day. Nor like it’s waiting for a photographer from Better Homes and Gardens to arrive.

Desire Peace? Practice Forgiveness

Keep in mind the facts below are about the idea of forgiveness. First of all, to forgive someone does not mean that you excuse his or her behavior. Forgiveness is saying that you are not going to allow that behavior to steal your peace. Secondly, forgiveness is not always easy. Oftentimes, it is not. Forgiveness is a process and will take time and practice. Finally, it’s important to realize that forgiveness can benefit more than one person. If forgiveness is offered directly to the individual who caused the conflict, that person can experience some emotional relief. However, the other person who benefits from forgiving is the person doing the forgiving.

How To Find A Way To Inner Peace And Abundant Well-Being

We all have to find our inner peace, specifically in our fast paced and turbulent everyday lives. Described below are some steps or pointers on the best ways to search for assurance and make it a part of your life. You need to analyze your basic attitudes toward life and discover out which attitudes are right for you. If you find yourself being a person who lives on the surface you should seriously think about altering this way of life given that such mindsets can only trigger disharmony in your life. If you make instant issue solving a habit you will experience that it contributes to your inner growth and favorable self-development.

Best Strategies For A Life Of Success And Inner Peace

Success and inner peace have the tendency to go together, but you may find one prior to you discovering the other. Lots of people have a hard time early on in life acquiring success in their careers, however discover that they are exceptionally taxed and rely on practices and techniques for inner peace as they grow older. Others might toss themselves into spiritual practices when they are young, but find that they really have to focus more on earnings and savings and other financial investing and further success as they grow older.

With All The Afterlife Stories We Hear, Is This Life A Dream?

We’ve often heard that perhaps the world we see around us is scripted in our mind. This idea may answer to, is life just a dream? Just like when we dream at night and wonder the next day if it was a lesson or yet clues for accomplishing some goal we’ve been obsessed over. If so, life in this world can be seen as a dream of sort is real to a point. Sure there are lessons, but there’s far too many thoughts conflicting and separating presenting us with fears that are not necessary.

Blazing or Burned Out?

Anna Lyn is an accomplished professional who loves her work. With plenty of friends and a satisfying career, she was nonetheless troubled by persistent and ruminative thoughts about being with a man. She described how she would rearrange her schedule if there was a possibility she might meet someone, abandoning her much needed time to herself on the whisper of a hope.

The Miracle Of A World At Peace Is Performed By Reflecting Peace Within Yourself First

Do you want inner peace? Sure, we all want inner peace, or at least almost all people do. How do you begin finding inner peace? Do you have the ability to utilize your mind over matter and to manage your psyche? If not then you must live, learn, read, and practice in order to reach your assurance. Exactly what are you doing to accomplish your own inner peace? We cannot have world peace if we don’t find it within first.

How To Attain Inner Peace Through Blogging About Your Passions

Why should I blog is an ongoing question I’ve getting recently from my readers and subscribers. Let me first say that, blogging can be considered your own online magazine, or even simpler, an on-line journal where you share your ideas regarding the details of your passions with folks in all corners of the world. When you ask, why should I blog, it might be passions for others to consider regarding your business or hobbies, and before you realize it your blog can be earning respectable income. You may create blog posts as frequently as you’d like, and whenever, through all the wee hours of the night or morning.

Manifesting In The New Consciousness

I recently created a scenario which seemed to require conscious manifesting. In the old days I would have written about it, vision boarded it, affirmed it, put it in a pink balloon, two pointed to where ever it already exists, and, yes, stepped through doors to parallel universes where it’s already happening. Because yeah, man, I’m an expert and I already know this stuff.

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