Stop Wasting Your Time on People That Are Not Aligned With You

Do You Live in Your Present?

I always keep wondering how difficult it is to live in your present phase. Some of us live in the past or some of us live and only think about the future. How many of us actually live in our present with respect to our emotions, mind and thought processes. I really do not have an answer for this and maybe will never find an answer either. My mind is so restless and scattered. I find it very difficult to focus and concentrate. I wonder if others experience as I do. Emotional urges, thought processes and intuitive abilities are extremely volatile and mercurial in temperament; especially the way they affect our life and the way or manner in which we decide or our ability to make decisions. I am no one to judge or analyze this because my mind is prone to the same restrictions and constrains; under which every human mind survives and functions.

Groundedness Made Simple

Being grounded is essential for health and wellbeing. It is the foundation for everything you do in life.

Defining Your Relationships by How Comfortable You Are Communicating

It’s interesting to note that whilst personal relationships should be the ideal place to communicate freely, it is in these relationships that you are most likely to experience the most fear in doing so. It is the fear of rejection (on any level) that leads to anxiety over displeasing others – and… This fear of rejection usually can be traced back to your relationship within your family.

Let Go of Your Past and Be Free

Recently whilst reading one of my favorite books I came across a passage that said “Let go of your past. Stop clinging to it. You are not going to drown without it. You are drowning because of it.” This is something that most people are caught up in, living in the past. But why is it so important to let go of it?

Creating Space To Live A Healthy Life

As doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and providers in Pediatrics and Neonatal Medicine we advise parents on the best ways to foster health and well being for their children and their family. As professionals in the medical field we often fall short in taking our own advice, which in the end affects our own health and our lives. We give parents brochures and pamphlets to supplement the conversations we have. It’s called anticipatory guidance. As adults have access to information from a myriad of sources including books and magazines, resources online, and our associations. If anything we probably have an abundance of information with a lack of taking the next steps towards using the information to live our best life. This is true for our health, our wealth, and our overall well being.

How to Stop Complacency

Dealing with complacency is tricky. Many people try to stop it by looking at it as a concept rather than an actual condition in their lives.

The Role of Self Esteem in Your Life

Self esteem basically refers to what opinion you have about your own self. If you feel good about yourself, and feel that you are good looking, competent and kind, this is an example of high self esteem.

Healing Your Ancestral Family Patterns

There are 3 types of patterns that need to be addressed when healing your ancestral family patterns. The influence that your ancestors are still having over you from beyond the grave, their unresolved issues…

Moving Away From The Past

The past is a potential place to mine for gold, and it is also a potential minefield. Approach it carefully. Salvage bits and pieces. You will find a bountiful assortment of good and bad. You will find memories that will make you fall to your knees in gratitude, and memories that will overcome you with sorrow. By all means, go there. Just don’t do what I did and take up residence.

Understanding the Metaphysical Aspects of A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a non-dualistic spirituality which contains a set of guidelines regarding the psychotherapy of the split mind. Understanding these metaphysical aspects assists in the practical application of the principles contained in ACIM when making choices. Without actual application, these principles are just ideas; but with application they become an experience, and experience changes everything. The metaphysical portion is a great identifier of the ego’s judgmental thought system as well as a heavenly reminder of what is true about ourselves.

Wohoo – Meet Your Womb

Deep within your being is a virtually untapped reservoir of alchemical creative energy; a force so palpable, so magnetic – a place ready and waiting to be accessed. The Dawn of this New Era is your time to access it, to bring it forward and use it now.

Selfishness And Guilt Trips: Victim Or Perpetrator?

Selfishness can actually ruin lives, especially if that selfishness interferes or impedes someone’s ability or desires to better their life. Here are tips to help you overcome being given a guilt trip if you are the victim, and how to overcome being the selfish individual.

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