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Psalm 37 – The Everyday Survival Guide

Are you familiar with the Book of Psalms? A psalm is a sacred song or hymn… in particular any of those contained in the biblical Book of Psalms. Many of the psalms were words set to music and thus there is a gentle rhythm to the lines and phrases. The books of Psalms has been called “Biblical poetry”.

10 Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose

Why is life purpose important? If you are feeling “off-track” in your life or a sense of incompleteness, lack of direction, and dissatisfaction, you’re not alone. It may be due to not yet connecting with your life purpose. Discover 10 benefits to being in sync with your purpose.

The 20-Minute Rule

Think of worry as an attention-getter. Something that alerts you to a situation that requires your attention. Not your fear, anguish, despair or anger – but your attention! Which in turn can lead to effective problem-solving to deal with whatever is causing you to worry.

Let Yourself Shine

Let yourself shine! Nurture yourself in a way that gives your best to others while at the same time serving you. Be gentle in manner and words and watch how things change for the better!

Active Thinking Is Power

Passive reaction is the ultimate weakness. You know, this article starts out on a seemingly cynical note, but I promise, if you read on, it will be optimistic and compelling. So keep reading and you will get to that.

Make Better Life Decisions Using the Eight Drivers of Contentment

More life decisions are likely around the corner for you. The next time you’re faced with a big decision, consider using the eight contentment drivers to help you holistically understand each of your alternatives and make a better-informed decision.

The Power of Forgiveness & Absolute Acceptance

Forgiveness is one of those words and the deed many people turn away from because of the meaning they give it. Often it is thought of as a religious act. This can be off-putting even for those who call themselves spiritual and even worse for people who have no conscious spiritual beliefs. As we shift our perception we can see that the power of giving and receiving of forgiveness can change our life. How else can we get passed the hurts we have cast upon others and those cast upon us? We know we can’t change what happened. This means acceptance, doesn’t it? And is forgiveness the same as unconditional acceptance? I think so.

What Does Faith Mean for the Non Religious

I came to see Faith as all there is. Faith is God, is Life, is Love. Faith is the heart and soul of who I am. Faith doesn’t belong to any one religion or philosophy. It is not exclusive; It is 100 percent inclusive and of everyone and everything in nature and of nature.

Non-Striving in Mindfulness – A Paradox?

Mindfulness meditation adopts the outlook of ‘non-striving’ to deal with stress. But how can non-striving be a goal if we are not to strive for it?

10 Minute Reflection to Kick Off the New Year Strong

There is a profound difference between viewing the new year as another flip of the calendar vs. an opportunity for celebrating your past successes and setting yourself up for a strong beginning. It’s all about the questions you ask.

On Forgiveness and Its Alternatives

Some things are unforgivable. I think we should all start there. Not just because we may be professionals working to help others who have been designated as the primary victims of such acts, but as our own self-healers and as the defacto healers of people we love dearly who may struggle daily with the long-term aftermath of being mistreated.

Eight Strategies to Beat Afternoon Slumps and Manage Your Energy!

The reality is that many people experience afternoon slumps. It could be too many carbs eaten at lunch, low blood sugar, or a variety of other reasons. While the cause is important to know, the key right now is to get your blood moving and get your mind and energy motivated. Here are eight simple tips to overcome the afternoon slump.

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