Stop Talking About Your Past! This is Why.. [Law of Attraction Mistakes]

What to Wear Every Day

Do you have a go-to outfit? You know, that fool-proof, fail-safe look that you resort to for more occasions than you’d like to admit? While many women do have their tried and true, often what happens is that it starts out looking great, then becomes faded, worn and – yikes! – begins to look frumpy.

What’s Missing From Self Healing Techniques?

I’m all for self healing, after all, all healing is self healing, but on my journey using different modalities, and I’ve used a ton of them, there’s something I have found that gets better results than the lot of them combined. That missing factor is another person. I started out in the 1980’s doing rebirthing, I did that for about 7 years, I did it by myself and I went to practitioners.

The Power Of Relaxation And How It Can Boost Your Mental And Physical Energy

Relaxation has been proven to be a great way of improving one’s health; mentally and physically. We can sleep better, improve our memory, reduce or gain weight, speed up the healing process all with the power of relaxation. The secrets of true relaxation can be learned and mastered and lead to better health and higher physical energy.

Understanding and Overcoming Your Internal Deceiver

In spite of all the chaos we’re witnessing in the world, there are brighter times ahead of us. We just need to continue forward without listening to what I call our internal deceiver. As Einstein put it, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” It is a matter of understanding that 3rd dimensional reality is an illusion we are leaving behind…

Inner Healing – How to Heal Domestic Abuse From Within

Women in all walks of life leaving abusive relationships ask the question, “How do I heal from the trauma of being abused?” Read on to learn about healing domestic abuse from within.

Dream a Little – How to Use Dreams for Significant Performance

Sleep and dream studies, for decades, have substantiated the powerful use of dreams to solve problems, help us make decisions and trigger inventive outside the box thinking. Read on for interesting and useful ideas that can make a difference for you. Dream a Little Dream Thomas Edison’s ‘conscious naps’ gifted us with about half of his 1,000+ inventions.

I’m Not Living From The Sidelines!

So many people today seem to be sitting in the bleachers and watching others live their lives – either in the media or in sports. Not me. I want to live the life my God has created for me, and I want to do it with vigor and originality. This article encourages others to take charge and live their own lives.

How To Kill Reasons and Excuses With Positive Thinking

Very often, we as experts, cite logical reasons (not really excuses) to justify our acts. In reality, it could be just a simple case of setting our own limitations. Positive thinking helps us to break these barriers and do what may appear to be logically not possible.

How Emotions Color Words

Every really thought about what a word actually is? We use them every day to communicate and express our desires, requests, all manner of things to other people. We also use words to describe ourselves. We also color words with emotions. These can be either positive or negative it depends on what a particular feeling a word engenders in us. Words do not actually carry emotions themselves, it is what we invest in them emotionally that can make them take on positive or negative vibrations.

Writing Helped Save My Life

I have been fighting a substantial list of mental disorders for twenty years, including Agoraphobia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, etc. All of these ailments can be challenging, but for the most part, I’ve lived a normal life.

How Do You Define Truth?

There are many ways people have of defining what truth is. “My truth” versus “your truth” is popular these days, as if it could be something subjective. But it is something that objectively exists. It is a fundamental element in real experience. It connects our common reality, and is the foundation of it. It is what gives us real stability.

Quest for Meditation

In order to survive in this physical world, under the garb of intellectual growth we learn all about the environment surrounding us. From spiritually empowered existence, we start moving into the physical plane of human beings where the mind along with its relative activities comes in to play. In the process of discovering the pleasures of human existence seductively spread all around us, we gradually move away from the spiritual point of view where we started the journey, hardly realizing that we are fast losing that unadulterated virgin state of being.

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