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Will You Try, Or Will You Get It Done?

Many people believe that one of the greatest obstacles to achieving great heights is permitting negative ideas, attitudes, and thoughts, to intrude into our consciousness. While this is undoubtedly true, we often overlook the trap that many of us either personally fall into, observe others do so, or let us deceive ourselves, which is when we merely listen to the words so done says rather than what they truly mean. Have you, or have you ever observed anyone else, indicate that they will either try to do something, or try their best, when they are asked to address an issue,…

Cost of Failure Vs The Price of Success

Are you paying a cost to achieve your success? Or are you enjoying the price of your success? Success and failure have a cost. Are you sure which one you are paying? Is it the one for success or the one for failure?

Are You Overwhelmed or Just Whelmed?

Are you overwhelmed at times? Do you know what to do? Do you know why being overwhelmed is dangerous to your future and your success? Find out here.

What’s the Opportunity Cost?

There’s a cost for every action we take, called an Opportunity Cost. But there’s also a cost to not acting. What is the impact of this Opportunity Cost of acting or not acting?

Creating An Action Plan For Success

Learn how to take your goals and turn them into an actual plan you can follow through on and achieve your dreams. If you’ve been unsure of how to proceed, or have been drifting through life, this article is for you.

Imagine Where You Would Be And It Will Be So

You need to see where you want to be, before you can get there. Visualize that destination and learn how to create a vision that motivates you for success.

Ten Ways to Make Your Senior Moments Happier

Ten suggestions in order for senior citizens to have a happier life are presented. These include, not comparing yourself to others, stop wasting time, stop trying to control everything and spending too much time just sitting.

Overcoming Self-Doubt to Pursue Your Dreams: 11 Sure-Fire Techniques

Moving through Doubt Our doubts in our abilities tend to show up most when we are in career transitions such as starting a new job, changing careers, or starting a business about which we are passionate. It’s important to acknowledge these doubts.

Design Your Own Recruitment Strategy

Most business schools today coach their business leaders how to develop and launch successful business plans. We are told and correctly so, that great businesses have even greater business plans. But what about job seekers? Shouldn’t individuals that look for opportunities in the market place also have a business plan and pursue an organised form of managing their career plan?

How to Get Clarity in an Instant (or at Least in 20 Minutes)

The reason things sometimes don’t quite work out the way we want them to is because we haven’t answered this question: “What do I want?” Even though we’ve worked and worked for clarity… do we really HAVE it?

Play Detective With Your Fears

Rather than trying to overcome, conquer, or face your fears – it may be most beneficial to learn about your fears. Once you gain some knowledge about them, they may not be as scary.

Speech Writing – Writing A Speech – What Is Your Purpose?

Why is it that when we are writing a speech or presentation our minds go completely blank? Forget being anxious about standing up in public, for many of us the anxiety begins long before that, it happens when we wrack our brain for something to say in the first place. A lot of Presentation Skills Training and Public Speaking Coaching focus on the delivery of a speech.

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