STOP Doing This if You Want to Manifest What You Want in Life [Instant Results!!]

You Can Live The Life You Want

Well….are you living the life you want? I would presume your answer is an obvious, “No.” Maybe it is an emphatic, “No.” There is an interesting correlation between having and wanting. The more you have the more you want. This tells us that life should be a continuous journey of moving forward as best you can. Whatever your situation right now, don’t give up on your life. Your life is filled with possibilities.

Letting Go Of Old Patterns And Your Past

When we go through life, we sometimes choose to not let go of our past, our fears, our choices, and our behaviors. We don’t live as who we have become, but instead live our life from the past. We manage to portray ourselves in a way that is simply repeating our old behaviors, our way of looking at the world, and thus how we interact with it.

Planning And Performance – Are You A Leaper Or A Creeper?

When I started in the insurance business many years ago my sales manager constantly preached about the 5 Ps (prior planning prevents poor performance). All day long he rampaged about the 5 Ps; so much so that it became annoying to me. At that time I didn’t quite get it, thus it took me many years before I understood the importance of these 5 Ps.

How Letting GO Is a Crucial Skill to Living a Happy, Productive Life

It is human nature to grow attached to something or someone. However, some attachments can be harmful. It stuns your growth spiritually and affects your health, your happiness and your daily life. When something has passed its expiration date, isn’t it time to let go?

Ways to Turn Your Life Around and Find a New Start

It is possible to change your life. Before you decide that such things are too good to be true think about how many times you have already made changes in your life. Introducing evidence based ways to change your life and find a new start.

Women’s Health: Springtime Is a Great Time For a ‘Soliday’!

It’s Friday afternoon, you’ve faced another long week at work. You love your job and your family but the kids are driving you up the wall and it’s hubby’s night out with the guys. So you order pizza, throw a movie in the DVD player and numb out to Beauty and the Beast. Not the most relaxing way to de-stress.

Personality Insights for Growth and Development

People talk about personality a lot. We hear it in casual conversations: “What a personality!” “That person lacks personality.” What then does personality really mean?

How to Balance Your Wheel of Life – Becoming a Total Person

One of my first exposures to the field of Personal Development came back in the 1970’s when I discovered the work of Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation Institute. At the core of Paul’s best work is his ‘Wheel of Life’ or ‘Total Person Concept’. Having lived long enough to see and experience this wisdom for myself, I can attest to the simple yet powerful truth pertaining to the Wheel of Life.

Unleash Your Creative Ideas

Creative ideas can be harnessed if you know these simple steps to setting up your day so you encourage and capture that flow. Keep reading to find out how.

5 Steps for Personal and Professional Growth

Sure it’s uncomfortable, growth requires you to stretch. But it sure beats the alternative. Learn 5 easy steps to help with the growing pains.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Here are seven actions to help relieve stress and reduce anxiety. These actions are a minimal, yet excellent, investment of time.

Not Knowing Is the Beginning of Wisdom

Emerson said, ‘Get out of the way of your bloated nothingness.’ We have been taught to know and that part of your status, respect and credibility is on what you know. We define our selves and debate others on proving that point. Unfortunately though knowledge is useful and helps us be competent at what we do, it is not the core of our place of knowing where spirit and wisdom dwell. When you come to the realisation of what you do not know, this is the moment that you get out of your way, and stop defining your self by your control of facts. It begins your true walk into the being you truly are defined by the spirit within.

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