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Change Your Expectations, Change Your Results!

This article is about the Law of Expectations. This law of success teaches us that whatever you expect with confidence tends to materialize in your life. If you are confident that good and positive things will happen, they usually will. You will make better, more positive decisions and you will attract positive solutions into your life when you set positive expectations. If you expect negative results or outcomes, then you will usually get what you expect. Expecting negative results from yourself and others will attract negative people, situations and results into your life.

Dealing With Very Strong Emotions

Along our spiritual journey, we often imagine that very spiritually advanced people don’t have to deal with strong emotional responses like hate, anxiety, anger, and so forth. However, no matter what your level of spiritual development, you will always have to deal with these strong feelings. We discuss here some ideas to help you deal with them when they come up in your life.

Traditional Personal Improvement Methods That Still Work Today

There are several techniques that we can use to improve our spiritual, mental, and physical states, but traditional techniques are always best for achieving overall personal improvement. This article lists four of those techniques that have proven to be effective over several centuries.

Children of Alcoholics – Effectively Managing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

With the U.S. Congress’ passage of “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day” on June 27, 2011, attention is being drawn to a debilitating condition which affects 3.5% of the adult population in the U.S., 36.6% of cases which are classified as “severe” according to the statistics provided by the National Institute of Mental Health. While PTSD is largely associated with war veterans, the fact is, it is not solely connected to or exclusive to those in or returning from combat. One area which is largely overlooked, primarily because of the lack of research or education in this matter, is the issue of PTSD in children of alcoholics.

Unconditional Love – How to Allow the Energy of Love to Transform Your Life

Just recently I had an early morning meditative walk out in our backyard. Because of the morning due, my slipper got wet. I sat down for a bit basking in the sun’s rays with my slippers off. A few minutes later I noticed that the water on one of my slippers had completely dried up. The heat of the sun through the process of evaporation transformed the energy of the water, absorbing it back into the atmosphere for further use at a later time. How then do you allow the energy of love to transform your life?

Dream What You Want To Dream, Go Where You Want To Go

Hey! But where?! Where exactly do you want to go? And where do you want to be? These questions are interchangeable as both ask about the direction in which you are heading. At a micro level, most of you know roughly where you are going.

Why Do Gratitude Rocks Work So Well?

When it comes to showing gratitude, a gratitude rock is a powerful symbol that encourages feeling thankful or grateful. Using gratitude in our daily lives creates a strong recognition as well as an appreciation for all of the things that we have. It may seem like a simple task – keeping an attitude of gratitude at all times – but it can be a more difficult goal to accomplish than it seems.

What Compassion Means

Compassion is something that I’ve been pondering about lately. On the web, there are many definitions, and in the Buddhist sense, compassion is when we notice and empathise with someone who is in distress and strive to lessen his pain. As I grow older, I have come to realise that this is a quality that people have in varying degrees, and I would certainly be a better person if I could behave in a more compassionate way towards others. Perhaps if I could cultivate more of this quality, it would help atone in part for my youthful mistakes, for when I was younger, I could be unkind, judgmental and downright mean on occasion. So what does being compassionate mean?

Find Your Life Purpose Using a Multi-Dimensional Approach

Each person has a life purpose that can be discovered and expressed multi-dimensionally. This article looks at ways to discover your purpose from each of the dimensions and some criteria to use to know that indeed it is your life purpose that Deepak Chopra and others have written about. For example, a person’s ‘3D’ life purpose would be their gifts, skills and talents that they use professionally. Their ‘4D’ purpose would include intuitive guidance and direction about ‘what they are ‘being led’ to do. The ‘5D’ elements of their life purpose are expressed as an energy.

The Four Pillars Of Wisdom

The temple of wisdom is built on four stout pillars, each of which is identified and discussed below. Even more important than an awareness of what those four pillars are, however, is the awareness that, in order to build his temple of wisdom, every man must forge his own four pillars.

Creating Peace Within: 5 Steps to a More Peaceful and Productive You

In this day and age where we are continually bombarded by noise and constant stimulation, it is sometimes difficult to find a time to just be and create that peaceful center. Without that, your energy can be negative, unfocused and draining. It is important to faithfully have time for yourself to just be.

So What Do We Mean By Change?

People often talk about wanting change in their lives? But what does ‘change’ mean? In this article, we look at why people may want change in their lives, what spurred us on to make changes in our lives and discuss how we went about it.

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