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Changing the Way You Look at Things – How to Turn Negative Matters Into Positive Ones

The way you look at things determines your success. Looking at things, the wrong way can result in not only failure to achieve desired results, but poor mental health. It is important to have a good feeling about yourself to successfully cope with life. The good news is that everyone has the ability to choose what they think about. Changing how you look at things can change failure into success.

Be Easy With Yourself

What does it mean to take it easy? Just how do I do that? Do I simply slow down? 

The Human Flight: Journey Amongst Many Others

Each generation has a role to play, and a path that is encrypted into its DNA, so that a listless lone butterfly is part of a greater scheme at work. How can we transfer these lessons into our lives?

Should I Fear Studying Shamanism?

We are taught fear from birth. Our parents use fear to control us. If you have raised children yourself you know that you used fear to scare the kids into doing what you wanted them to do. Then fear is the controller in school. You will be punished if you do not do things the way they want, stay after school, detention, principal’s office, failing grades, it’s all about fear.

Curse of the Fortunate and the Blessing of Suffering

Often, a wonderful safe and enjoyable childhood leads to difficulties in adult life. While we grow up, our fragmentation is formed based on certain experiences. Identification and events, along with the development of our basic characteristics and skills, are formed which will determine our abilities and limitations. Sadly, this has nothing to do with the individual person who is being thus moulded and formed, but they are the one who has to live with the results of the actions of other people.

Accept Others and Be Rich

In the workplace, judgment of others often leads to disharmony because people expect others to behave, speak or interact in a certain way. The fact is that we can be divided into different ‘personality styles’; each personality type has different strengths and weaknesses.

Lonely? Behind Loneliness

Loneliness! I know the feeling well as I was living in a very isolated area in Ethiopia doing medical work for several years. Sure I was surrounded by beautiful people but I wasn’t able to communicate my deepest thoughts with them. May be you are feeling isolated and lonely or just plain lonely even when you are with other people. It is the later that I want to discuss and undercover a possible cause.

How to Start Fresh in Life

How do you deal with regret? Would you like to make a fresh start? Most of us have regrets and have tried to make a fresh start. We have tried to be a better person. The problem however, is that while our intentions are good we often fall back into the same habits, actions and patterns.

Three Signs of Positive Change

Inner conflict and the process of transformation. Three ways to notice resistance and how to deal with it.

Is Knowledge Really Power?

We have all heard the saying “Knowledge is Power.” Is knowledge really power, or are there implied concepts missing from this equation? Knowledge, which is not put into action or acted upon, is almost worthless. Also,you must have the correct knowledge, based on real hard data where possible, before you act. Otherwise, the results may be worse than doing nothing. Therefore my new definition of this saying is: “Timely knowledge must be acted upon in order to be converted into power.”

It Is What It Is – The Art of Letting Go

This is an art, as it’s a skill set that when practiced brings freedom. It is not self-defeating or resigning to being powerless as some assert. It is what it is. And what it is is a path to freedom and greater health.

Developing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about learning to observe our minds and bodily sensations, and it can be a wonderfully liberating experience that enhances our lives in so many ways. Anyone with a mind can practice mindfulness; that’s the beauty of it, mindfulness is totally universal and open to anyone and everyone.

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