Start Your Morning Full of Love (10 Minute Guided Meditation)

Interesting Tips to Overcoming Monday Blues

Almost everybody hates Monday. It’s the day that one is tempted to call in sick and sleep the whole day. But it doesn’t have to feel that way.

After Two Years On The Job, No One Seems To Like Me – I Don’t Know Why – Three Ways To Find Out

Do you feel like you are on the outside looking in at work? Are you willing to have co-workers complete a confidential and professional assessment? Would you dare send via e-mail a free 3 to 4 question anonymous and confidential questionnaire to co-workers? Have you asked someone you trust at work, why?

Do You Take Responsibility For Your Life?

This article is about taking responsibility and being aware of our behaviour and the implications of not taking responsibility. This is an action that holds us back from being the very best we could be.

You Need To Market Yourself

How can anyone convince anyone of anything, sell anything, market anything or anyone, or approach optimal performance and/ or results, if he does not first sell himself? Why would anyone even consider, pay attention, listen to, or be motivated by anything you said or did, if you did not effectively convince them that you are worth paying attention to? This is far more essential than one’s ego, and while it might be a manifestation of having a positive mental attitude, taking steps to get your name out in a positive manner is often one of the biggest necessities of relevance…

Of Frogs and Princes

Perhaps you have heard that old fairy tale saying “You have to kiss a few frogs before you find a prince?” It came to mind recently as I was working with a client. He is in the process of exploring a new career path.

Things Are Not Often What They Seem

Very often, the way things seem are not the way things are. What assumptions are we living under that are not true? We must think about things we think are true, and analyze them.

How Have Your Parameters Changed?

Each phase of our life is defined by new parameters. Those parameters come from our own beliefs and actions and can be expanded through the choices we make.

Have You Met Your Gremlin?

There is a voice inside our head that is constantly reminding us about all the things that can go wrong in our lives, or is constantly reminding us of that we are not good enough, or brave enough, or ‘whatever’ enough. If you listen to the thoughts that constantly stream through your mind it won’t be long before you begin to hear you own personal Gremlin whispering in your ear. Ideally, your Gremlin is there to keep you safe, but sometimes being safe is not in your best interest. Fortunately, there are ways to make friends with your Gremlin, to take advantage of their wisdom, and then act for yourself.

Three Steps to Effective Problem Solving Learned From a GPS

Have you been frustrated by a roadblock when trying to solve a problem in your life or business? Here are three steps for effective problem-solving as illustrated by the GPS navigation system used for travel.

Use Your Strengths and Focus on What Is Most Important in Life

You have likely heard this phrase many times before today. When you hear, “winners never quit”, it is really implying that you should never give up on your ultimate goal. When thinking about a successful entrepreneur, such as Donald Trump, there is no doubt that he never quit working towards his goal; however, it is likely that he did quit several projects before reaching his ultimate goal. With this in mind, how do you know when to quit or move on in order to continue working towards your ultimate goal?

Creating Positive Perceptions

Perceptions are based only on what our senses tell us. They aren’t always accurate and most certainly can fool us.

5 Effective Self-Help Techniques

There are literally hundreds of self-improvement techniques and strategies. To ensure success it is advisable to select only a few and implement and practice them regularly. The article provides 5 possible techniques that can easily be implemented.

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