Spirituality Should NOT Be About Detachment | SHOCKING TRUTH!! Will Allow You to Manifest Abundance

When It’s Time for a Change: What Not to Do

Into every life some change must come. Change is inevitable. It can be amazingly difficult to keep your head when upheaval is charging through your life, and a poor decision now can have unpleasant consequences for a long time to come.

People Are Contagious – What Qualities Do You Want to Catch?

Reputation is impacted by the company you keep. Likewise, the people you surround yourself with will affect your mental and physical health, your spirituality, and your finances. What qualities do you want to catch? Do you want to ripen or rot?

What Is Happening As We Ascend?

The ascension and integration process gets easier as more of the higher self is seated in the physical body and the old distorted human programming is replaced with loving and divine programming. Clearing happens quicker as we surrender to the process and allow the highest and best to occur.

Does Hard Work and Education Make You Successful

You can be a hard working, educated person and still not achieve the success you desire, and it is all because you are missing one key ingredient. When someone gets so passionate about something it turns into their obsession, it’s infectious. It’s that unwavering confidence that produces most of the results.

An Authority Of Choice

Being Obedient is following someone else’s orders or direction. It is conforming to someone else’s standards. It is never conflicting and never crosses another’s boundaries.

Is This a Habit or an Addiction?

There are different types of addictions. What kind of addiction do you have?

The Chance of A Lifetime In A Lifetime of Chance – The Reality of Earth’s Ascension

We are on the verge of the most significant opportunity ever known to mankind on planet earth. It is indeed the chance of a lifetime. And every inhabitant of our planet has been engaged in a lifetime of chance. We arrived knowing the potential was far greater that we would die in a battle called Armageddon. All the descriptive predictions we had ranged from really bad to unendurable. And we agreed to come anyway. Why?

What Beliefs Guard Our Life?

We are all born and we all die. No question about that. Whether we take on a belief that we had chosen to come to this life before our birth or if we believe that our life only started with a physical birth is a matter of opinion. What we believe about that is, however, important as it shapes the course of our life.

Personal Growth Development For Home Based Business Success

A personal growth development journey is very personal. There is no specific answer that someone can give you that is the right way to do it. It takes time, dedication, reflection, forgiveness, and failure. Personal Growth Development helps you to understand who you are so that you can get personal gratification and fulfillment from your life. When I started my first and second home based businesses they failed miserably because I was not living my life deliberately and intentionally. I was so wrapped up in myself that I did not know myself. When I realized through my own journey that I was only happy when I was helping others, then the joy that I felt in my life made me understand the importance of what I have to offer and allowed me to take my third home based business to new levels of success.

Do You Review Your OPTIONS?

Nearly every day, each of us are confronted with a variety of choices, and which we select, often determines not only how we will proceed, but also how successful, impactful or meaningful we might be. Unfortunately, far too many individuals permit their personal fears and adherence to a self – limiting comfort zone, restrict what they might even consider doing. The most successful, and generally the most comfortable and happy individuals, consistently dedicate their time and efforts seriously reviewing their choices.

The Old Masquerade – A No Soul Parade, Starting Over

When it all falls apart, when it’s finished, over, the end, done; choosing to live means you’re starting over. It is the infinitely better choice. Once you have called the game and ended things, you find yourself marchin’ through the ruins of time. It’s your choice now. Do you continue as before in the old masquerade?

Do You Decide What You THINK?

Nearly every individual has certain preconceived notions, ideas, preferences and life experiences that are significant in determining how he analyzes things, what he considers most essential, what his priorities may be. Many of us have difficulties understanding the positions and mindsets of others who perceive things differently, yet rarely do they take the time and make a concerted effort to introspectively take an objective look and examine whether we actually decide or determine, or even what we truthfully THINK. Far too often, conversations become overly concerned with rhetoric, often seeming like most people speak before they consider scenarios or ideas,…

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