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Self-Awareness – The Bridge To Reaching Your Desired Goals

Life is a series of connections. Routes that take you from where you are-to where you want to be. Just as a physical bridge gets you safely over inconveniences on your journey-like a ditch or body of water-the mental and emotional bridges that move you beyond potential pitfalls on your path is self-awareness. These inner bridges are not built with concrete or steel, but rather with insights, personal virtues, and soul inspirations – qualities derived through self-awareness.

Struggles in Life – How to Face Difficult Situations in Life

When you have issue about the things have happened in your past, letting go is easier said than done. And this is especially true for very busy women, who have built their lives around successful careers and flourishing families. The problem is, most women use these everyday responsibilities and the issues they face every day to mask having to deal with issues of their past.

5 Simple Steps to Expressing Your Vision for 2012

As 2011 winds down, thoughts begin turning to 2012. Go with it! Now is a perfect time to express your vision for next year. This way you’ll be ready to step into it by New Year’s Day! Here are 5 simple steps, especially for Brilliance-Based Businesswomen.

Your Actions Are What Define You

This article is a wake up call for every person that lies to themselves, and to others, about who and what they really are. You can talk yourself up all you want, you can say how you’re a good person, you can say that you are this or that. The truth is that your actions are what ultimately define who and what you are, not your words.

What Am I Supposed to Do in Life?

Finding out who you are isn’t about the finding-part, but creating yourself. Who do you want to be (that you aren’t being now)?

Forgive and Experience Personal Growth

To err is human; to forgive is divine, so goes the old age cliche. Whoever coined it must have seen or experienced the extraordinary benefits of this feat. I call it feat because it is the most difficult thing of all human endeavours. The world would not be so complicated if we all learnt to forgive those that trespass against us. Forgiving someone is a process which if not followed properly can result in a more negative situation developing.

Say Hello To Mental Reflexes

Question: In general, what is a reflex? Answer: A reflex is an action performed without conscious thought as a response to a stimulus. It is an automatic response – like sneezing – like the shrinking of the pupils of the eye in light; a reflexive knee jerk.

Seven Tips on How to Be More Interesting

Tired of your usual boring conversations that don’t go anywhere? Want to learn how to be more interesting? You’re about to learn seven tips on how to be more interesting that you can start using today!

How to Get Over Shyness Now

Taking the right steps on how to get over shyness is difficult. Shyness is something that is often a result of upbringing, exasperated and reinforced as one gets older. The best solution to shyness is to realize a few simple truths and take steps towards being more social.

Everything Has a Reason and a Season

Trees don’t try to keep their leaves when autumn arrives, nor do they resist new growth in the spring. But, that’s how we sometimes approach our lives.

Pay Attention to Your Feelings – They’re Your Friends

In this article, Joan takes “A Deeper Look” at understanding your feelings. She helps you to recognize your feelings, and then to analyze them, figuring out how they can better help you understand yourself.

Peace On Earth and Good Will Are Very Good Things

Peace on earth begins on an individual level. It starts with recognition that each of us is doing the very best we can, given our state-of-mind and available resources. Always accept where you are with gentleness and forgiveness; recognize that your wonderful brain is your personal “Hoover Dam” to power the transformation of your life to levels beyond your wildest dreams. Helping others do the same will accelerate your personal process and is a practical, giant step to building “good will toward humankind.” Practical neuroscience works for anyone and everyone equally well.

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