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A New Year’s Upgrade

New Year’s is my least favorite holiday. So I decided to reflect on why. I came to some eye-opening and sobering conclusions in this article.

Forgiveness – What It Is, Why You’ll Benefit, and How to Accomplish It

What is forgiveness? Why is it important? What’s in it for you? And how does one go about the process of forgiving?

How To Let Go Of Your Fears

We think that if we fear something, it is there to stay, that it is permanent, and unchangeable. But this is not so, and we must take a very personal look at ourselves to see why we think this is. When we believe something about ourselves, we encapsulate it, we make it stronger, and therefore more real to us. We see ourselves as one way, and we become so. What we believe about ourselves is how we are. It is just as easy to change your perception of yourself as it is to change your mind. And fears work the same way.

What Does Civility Mean to You?

What does civility mean to you? How would you class the examples given here? Would they be civil behaviour or uncivil behaviour?

What If You Already Had What You Were Seeking?

Stop for a moment and look around you with fresh eyes. Where do you already have the information, the knowledge, and the know-how, but haven’t seen it to be able to take advantage of it for yourself? Or maybe you discovered a big revelation, like me, and are a scared to go forward and would like some support.

Backslide-Proof Your Christian Walk

There are good days and bad days even after we have surrendered our lives to Jesus. Jesus Himself said in John 16:33 that in this world we will have tribulations but that we should be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. We live in a fallen world and therefore we are not spared of the evil things of this world. This is a reality that Christians have to understand clearly. This should be one of the foundational principles of salvation.

Managing Your Own Reputation

Reputation is an intangible asset. Every individual has a reputation; whether he/she knows it or not. Learning from the principles of corporate reputation, individuals too can take charge of managing their own reputation, rather than leaving it too chance.

Use Of Chios Field For Energy Healing

Energy healing -Aura and Chakra healing- is one of the most profound and beneficial therapies in the field of medicine and holistic health. It is about spiritual, mental, physical and emotional healing. Energy healing is a wide term.

The Dreamer and The Realist – Who to Take to Dinner?

The Answer: Both of them! I’m a dreamer, always have been, and after learning more about different personality types (I’m an ENFP) I realize that this isn’t much more than just a part of how I am and so dreaming comes easy to me. I’m optimistic and future thinking. I like change and enjoy both a plan and spontaneity. But sometimes it is easy to dream and dream and not make anything real.On the other side of the street is the Realist – who I love and am so grateful for because they tell it like it is and can offer some grounding while I’m up in la-la land. But they often stay stuck in what makes sense and what works instead of entertaining what it is that they really want. But ultimately it is easy for both the dreamer and the realist to stay stuck: one in the clouds and one on the ground both unhappy with their lives. So let’s bring both the dreamer and the realist to dinner and have them teach a little something to each other.

Are You Living Or Just Surviving?

Conditioning is one of the helpful ways of relaxing yourself and setting goals. Try this tips to see how your life will change automatically to the life of your dreams.

Manifesting Prosperity Through Forgiveness

Manifesting prosperity into your life requires that you free yourself from your past. You must be willing to let go of your past mistakes and any negative emotions attributed to any “victimized” events as viewed from your sub-conscious. To fail to apply this critical step will stall any manifestation effort you attempt, up to the degree of your subscription to these dark shadows of your mind exists. You must be capable and willing to forgive others and more importantly, yourself.

Healing: How Does Healing Work?

My current outlook to healing and processing is that, along with the individual’s willingness to process their past, the other important element to releasing our patterns is to be assisted by someone who has achieved a certain level of presence. And that the processing (healing) technique alone is always secondary to the presence of the person assisting. This for me comes back to the saying ”we can’t give what we haven’t got”. So, if the person who is offering assistance has not achieved that which we are working towards; only a certain stage of processing will be achieved or the processing won’t work at all.

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