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Program Yourself To Strengthen Your Motivation Muscles

A good, positive attitude isn’t really a muscle, but it does need a good workout just like a muscle. If you don’t stay active and keep your muscles supple and strong, they begin to let you down. The same goes with motivation and attitude. If you don’t give it a good daily workout, it will soon let you down, literally as well as metophorically. Here’s a fun list of things that can keep you motivated and some ways to boost their effects.

Defense Against Panic and Terror Attacks Resulting From Traumatic Events

There’s a place the human body and spirit can go that is more fantastic than extreme sports: it’s the extreme experience of panic and/or terror attacks when there is no immediate danger. This is a guide to how they can originate; how they manifest; what they feel like; and how to regain control of your faculties in the midst of the grip of one. It’s beyond inner conflict; it’s an inner war, where emotional and psychological challenges abound and the desire for inner peace becomes the unrelenting driving force.

Reprogram Your Mind and Heal The Body

Normally, we don’t listen to our bodies. We don’t tune into the feelings that are rushing through our insides. Our hearts feel, our stomach feels, and its all connected to the brain and our wiring, neurological system! It’s an amazing piece of work. If we are avoiding the body, what are we avoiding in the mind? We don’t know what we don’t know, so there is no better time than the present moment to be open to any new possibilities that come our way. It is then we start to grow and change, when we become uncomfortable and push ourselves beyond our mental comforts.

Concerened About Holiday Overeating?

Worried about overeating this holiday? Here are some tips from a expert in ending emotional eating.

Impact Happens – But Not Always As Expected!

You always have an impact. The question is, did you have the impact you intended?

The Blame Game – Stop It

This article will show you how to stop blaming and how to accept responsibility for your own life. You’ll truly be set free to claim and enjoy your own life to the fullest. It’s like a get out of jail free card. We hope you enjoy it.

Rights, Responsibilities, and Liberty

Rights, responsibilities, and liberty are a package. We can’t have any of them if we don’t take all of them. And if we give any of them away, we give all of them away.

The Importance Of Achieving A Balance Between Your Life And Your Work

We all know that if we create balance in work and play, we can lead more enjoyable lives. It’s been a huge topic for years and you may be wondering just why it’s so important. Maybe you enjoy having a busy life. It can be fun, for awhile, but eventually you’re likely to suffer burn out. A lot of people talk about having a balanced life or trying to create one. This article may help you to create the balance.

How To Learn From The Mistakes You Make

In this article I want to talk about mistakes. Most importantly about the mistakes that we make. No matter who you are, you make mistakes.

Why Would A High School Graduate Join Today’s Navy?

High school graduates who cannot afford or do not want to go to college have an abundance of opportunities available to them in the military services; everything from a well-paying job while they’re figuring out their futures, to career opportunities that successfully will carry them through a lifetime of achievements. In the Navy, for example, enlistees may be involved in construction, engineering, medicine, nuclear power, or advanced electronics and computers.

Being a Gentleman in the 21st Century

At the turn of the century, men have evolved to include new roles under their belt. They are no longer confined to just brawn. These days, you have metrosexuals being the new norm- and women love them!

How Keeping A Journal Will Change Your Life

In this article I want to talk about why is it so important to keep a journal. Keeping a journal is a great way to help you reach your goals. This is because each and every day you will be reminding yourself how you did that day.

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