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A Guide to Mindfulness Meditation

The promise of mindfulness meditation is that it can help you become more aware of who you are without the sting of judgment. Unlike some other forms of meditation, mindfulness meditation is not directed toward getting you to think differently. Its goal is to help you become aware of what is already true in the moment. To accept that truth without trying to change it. For people involved in therapy, mindfulness meditation can help them tolerate very strong emotions, and thus advance their healing.

Concentrating on One Thing at a Time

Multi-tasking is common in our fast moving world. We text while we’re eating dinner and having a conversation with our spouse. We check our e-mails while we file our nails and talk on the phone. The trouble is, we are probably not being as productive as we’d wish. We are probably sacrificing the quality of the work we are doing at each task. We are distracted and maybe even distraught.

Our Cultures: The Way We Do Things

We all have many cultures in our lives, whether we have purposely decided what they are or not. Not purposely deciding what they are often results in failure-prone activities and attitudes. Creating them on purpose can support our success.

The Winding Road to Purpose

The Winding Road to Purpose is your about your key to personal success and fulfillment. Discovering your life purpose can be easy for some people while for others, it is a journey. Be opened to taking the journey to discovering your life purpose.

What Do You Have to Offer the World?

Have you had a feeling lately that there’s something you are meant to do with your life– something you are to bring to the world to help people in some way but you’re not sure how? If this sounds familiar to you, I invite you to read this article. Perhaps it will help you discern these new feelings or passions and come to a realization you’ve not yet experienced.

To Blog or Not To Blog, Have You Ever Asked Yourself That Question?

It’s been awhile since I wrote my last blog post. I figured I’d start “emptying my brain” (and my file cabinets) in the hopes that you’ll find something inspiring, helpful, or thought-provoking.

What Is A Tarot Reading and How Can It Help Me

What Is Tarot Reading would be the first question that comes to mind, especially if you are either new or an enthusiast, looking for more insight and understanding? It is always necessary to educate yourself with the truth of Tarot Card Reading and to fully appreciate their origin and purpose, and why they came into existence.

Navigating The Path of the Shifting Purpose

The choice to become something more is never black and white, and as you evolve, it’s likely your purpose and guiding goals will change. In this article, the author talks about how to embrace your ever-changing life perspective.

Are Your Skills And Talents Lost, Or Found?

Are you aware of your personal strengths and weaknesses? What are your most essential skills, talents and abilities? What are you doing with them, how do you take advantage of them, and what actions are you taking to enhance them so they are even more meaningful?

Bruised From Bitterness

Have you ever hung on to bitterness for too long only to realize that the person you felt bitter towards was not suffering; you were? Do you often carry bitterness around in your back pocket, ready to unleash it at a non-suspecting victim because he or she reminds you of someone who wronged you? Let’s explore the bruises that bitterness can leave and focus on strategies to let go of bitterness – reclaiming your power.

Feeling – The 6th Sense

Feeling has been relegated to some kind of back burner when it comes to our consideration of life. We give ‘fact’ and data more weight than our feelings – our sense of things – when evaluating the situations and choices before us.

Quick Tips – For True Self Improvement

In this article I want to talk about the self improvement and personal growth aspects of life. Self improvement and personal growth are aspects that many individuals lack in. For most people it means that you live a life you aren’t fully happy with.

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