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“Goals” Is Not a Dirty Word!

Mention the word “goals” around a lot of people and they will immediately hide their heads or look the other way! There’s something about that word that feels like pressure. Perhaps it’s because our parents and teachers talked about goals they thought should be important to us when we were young and all we wanted to do was go play and hang out with friends. Goals were too serious. Goals were only for grown-ups. If that sounds like you, I want to shift your concept of goals today and show you how valuable they are.

Over the Hill

Kennick, Trenchford and Tottiford reservoirs lie like a twisted silver ribbon nestled in the Devon countryside. You don’t see them until you are upon them, and the depths of dark wood through which you walk to the westerly end of the ribbon, gently envelope you in peace. Beneath your feet thick twigs crack; the heavier footfalls are thuds against a firm nourishing earth.

Could Do Better?

Tony could do better. Does this phrase chine with you? This article looks at attitudes towards achievement and lights one particular path to “doing better”!

How to Survive College and Work

Tips for managing the responsibilities of college while working and still maintaining a happy and healthy life style. Learn about how scheduling will help.

The Four Benefits Of Living A Conscious Life

There are times when I get just a little bit despondent and I find myself asking, “Why live a conscious life? What’s the point?” I’ve noticed that this usually happens during a certain, critical part of the healing journey. The healing journey–the life journey (they’re synonymous you know)–has rhythms. There are certain, predictable patterns that show up in our lives as healing takes place. From a certain, two dimensional perspective we can say–and everyone knows–that “life has it’s ups and downs.” Those ups and downs are really happening on a three dimensional level as a function of the expansion and contraction of the Universe. Along with this Universal oscillation, Consciousness is expanding and contracting. As a part of the larger Consciousness, our consciousness is expanding and contracting, as well.

Your Work: Let It Get The Best Of You

You promised your loved ones, your teacher, or your employer that you will give them your best. Well let them get the best of you by your being nothing less than world-class and doing the important things. This brief article is a great reminder for anyone whoever thought he/she has given everything he/she has. You’ll find out that your best is always available at the cost of a little more than you’ve already given.

Best Time Management Practices To Follow

Effective time management is a primary means to a less stressful life. These time management practices can help you reduce your stress and reclaim your personal life.

Why Do Men Lie In Relationships

Now do not go head over heels on this one but as a man who is no longer ashamed of his own failures and missteps with a life goal to help all men and contribute to the rebuilding of the man’s integrity. I feel it’s time to explain to ladies why exactly do some men lie. Over the years of me learning how important it is to be in absolute truth with whoever you are in a relationship with.

Four Reasons Why You Should Express Yourself Through Writing

Ever wondered why so many people write and found it funny why they do so? I mean, writing is not much of a hobby, let alone a good way to express one’s self, right? Well, that is where you are wrong.

Continue To Improve, Or Risk Stagnation

Regardless of one’s activity or position, one consistent truism is that one either continuously seeks to improve, or he will eventually stagnate and lose ground in his endeavors. In nearly everything we do, there is no option to merely maintain some sort of status quo, because attempting to tread water often leads to losing momentum and drowning. Optimizing our potential and thus creating the best opportunity to achieve our goals and objectives means that we must not only commit to, but actually take necessary steps and actions to continuously learn, improve, do better, tweek those aspects that are less than…

It’s All About the “Er”

Change is about forward movement and a progression of “er”s… clearer, calmer, happier, better, faster, healthier, or whatever you’re working towards. Each week that you’re a little more “er” than the last one, you’ve made progress.

Handling What Life Throws Your Way

We can’t choose what happens to us – but we can choose our responses to the situations we encounter. It’s your world, and you can create it as you wish. Remember, what one person sees as stressful, another person barely notices, or sees as exciting and full of opportunity.

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