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Nature Is A Mirror

Humans begin life in the womb, folded up like the bud of a flower. Our whole life is in the mirror of this natural form. When you emerge from the womb, you slowly unfold, just as a flower opens it petals. At its prime, a flower draws many insects to it and also the eyes of humans to enjoy its beauty.

The Teaching of Social Heredity

When a child is very young, before they can reason for themselves, they are like a clean slate upon which those in control of the child can write upon. Those in control begin a child’s base programming, implanting social etiquette (if any), religious belief, right and wrong, and a host of other ideas. From these basic programs the child will shape and build the rest of their beliefs, ideas and other higher level programs upon. If the foundation programming is sound the rest of the beliefs will also be sound, if they are weak or negative the rest of the programming will also be affected by this. Most of us at this point cannot do anything to change what was already done, but we can go about rewriting the base program. By rewriting the base program the rest of the programming will also change; some will simply be deleted because it will have nothing to stand on.

The February New Moon

Expansion continues to be a theme in the new year. This article is for those seeking to act on a desire to expand spiritually and want to “go with the flow” of astrological rhythms. On February 2nd, the new moon occurred in Aquarius.

The Similarities Between Judo and Internet Marketing

OK, I bet I know what you are thinking before you have even read this article. How can there possibly be a connection between Judo (the martial art) and the concept of Internet Marketing? I will try to explain and therefore convince you.

Psychotherapy and Couples Counselling

Beginning psychotherapy is a positive and extremely important step to better understanding and dealing with life’s challenges. It is also a place for expanding the imagination and fostering deep healing.

Using Powerful Intentions

The Law of Attraction is a pretty hot subject these days. There are myriads of articles, books, programs, etc., to help you learn how to control your life through the power of your thoughts. But for some people, LOA doesn’t seem to work, despite them being dedicated to the steps and process of it all. How can you get LOA to work for you?

Goals For Self Improvement

One of the most important steps to achieving desired success in any area is to set a goal. Setting goals for self improvement helps one discover the path that will lead to the most wanted outcome.

Why We Should Give In

Do you feel like you are always giving in? Ever think, what about me?

Boomers Are Meeting Globally Online

Baby boomers are aging, but they are not letting the old person move into their thoughts. Boomers have produced and read more personal growth material than any previous generation; because of it they are changing the world.

This Was Not What I Planned: Stranded in San Antonio?

Excitement turned into shock when an unusual ice and snow storm blew in to south Texas. Stranded and unable to make a presentation I had to face what to do with myself.

Success Is In The Light

Throughout your lifetime, you have probably been bombarded with a wealth of information. Some of it good and some of it bad. I want you to remember one thing: “Too much light too soon will blind you.”

Self Empowerment Books: How to Find the Best One

A lot of people nowadays are looking for ways towards self empowerment. Practically, it is a good thing that people are already starting to think about how they could improve their life’s current state. This is the reason why various self help books have started to dominate the bestsellers charts. It is continually gaining popularity among individuals who want to gain the courage, confidence, guidance, and support that they need towards achieving their goals of having a successful life. These books provide tips that are geared on how you could enhance your present status. It also provides self help quotes that can act as maxims which you can adhere to. Additionally, these books on success and self-help basically teach you to appreciate your life today and use it to your advantage that will eventually lead to self empowerment.

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