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Reinventing Yourself By Making a Few Changes in Your Relationships, Health, and Financial Situation

Are you looking for a way to change your life? Read on to find out how you can reinvent yourself by making some small changes in the way you are presently doing things.

What Is Your Passion?

If you had no limitations or restrictions, what would you do? Who would you be? What would you have?

Uncover Your Passion

We all have our own ideas on how to find our passion. But what if those ideas are not working for you? It may be time to reconsider the process of discovering what your true passion is.

Walk A Mile With A Stone In Your Shoe

There’s a simple way to expand our comfort zone until it’s big, airy and free. If we don’t, life will become more and more frightening, more and more limiting, until our comfort zone finally becomes the size of the bed in which we take our last breath.

The Cleaning Habit: Why Mental Housekeeping Is Important

Home is a metaphor for every single thought and belief that inhabits our world. Our conscious values tend to be the pleasant ones: Compassion. Kindness. Relationships. Love. They’re noble, and they look and sound good to the outside world.The motivations that float beneath this conscious realm are often less pleasant. If you go to the gym three times a week to exercise your body, why not pause three times a week to purify the mind?

Precious Packaging

Achieving sustainable results starts with a solid plan. Often times, we’re more concerned with what people will think instead of what we ‘bring to the table’. Times have reached a point where self-worth is worth far more than we were raised to think…

KEEPERS Keep Keeping On!

Do you want to be known as a “Keeper” on any team? Sure you do, but doesn’t come easy. It takes a will to work for the betterment of the team. Many want to be “Loners”, yet it is hard to be a keeper when you are the only one on “your” team. “Loners” want the glory, yet “keepers” get the glory!

Are You a Great Manager?

What do you think of when you hear the word management? You will invariably get a different answer from people when you ask them for their definition. Often the explanation of this word involves talk of the workplace and the infrastructure that exists in most businesses. There is no doubt that the work environment has a management component. Businesses must manage staff, economic resources, facilities, and so on.

How To Change Your Life – How You Treat Others Makes All The Difference

Do you want direction in your life? Do you want to know how to move forward from a tough relationship and come out ahead? I will show you how in a few easy steps, first we need to change your attitude.

What to Do When Life Drives You Up the Wall – The Little Prince Series

I read self-help books, took courses, listened to and watched talks, and went on retreats, all of which were geared to changing my beliefs about myself and my patterns of thought. I got some results, but never the fundamental change I sought.

Why Mentoring Works

This article explains why having a Mentor can help you accelerate your own career and personal goals and help you achieve far more than you might on your own. In light of the UK Governments Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), the task ahead may appear to be even harder than before. Having the opportunity to “clear some space” just to reflect on what we are doing and how we can approach it from a different perspective is often difficult to do. Having a sounding board to explore ideas, develop solutions or to discuss how to handle an issue can make a huge difference.

Improve Personal Development: Why We Need It?

Why is it essential to improve personal development? What possible outcomes can personal development have on our lives? We tend to ask ourselves these questions with regards to our personal development. Very often people put in a lot of time and effort for their personal growth and improvement. The reason behind this is the fact that it is beneficial for all of us to improve personal development. In addition, the way other people see us is a reflection of how we cultivate our own character. So, knowing who you truly are is a stepping stone to improve personal development.

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