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Beyond Reiki, Access Healing in Pure Consciousness

In this article, I would like to elaborate a bit on what actually occurs beyond Reiki, meaning what actually is at play when deep healing occurs beyond the manifest benefit of treatments. A decade of practice and several years of self-treatment led us to observe various subtle changes that may occur and in the long run facilitate access to pure consciousness energy itself. In this article I will use a recent personal experience as an example.

Not Being Attached Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Care

The minute I let go of my attachment to it has to look exactly like this, I stopped struggling and suffering. Letting go of attachments comes up a lot in the work I do with my clients. It’s often at the root of their experiences of stress, frustration, and stuck.

The Ground For Spiritual Development: Cultivating Basic Sanity

If one is seeking information or guidance about spiritual development, there is a plethora of material to be found. The teachers and traditions that are usually the most valuable and influential to us are the ones that offer practical instructions and insights about working with our own minds and working with the inescapable challenges of being human.

Mother Archetype, Goddesses and the Power of Women

The oldest remainders of cultish relics in all cultural areas mostly show goddesses, praising the capability of women to give life. This article describes the relationship between religious symbols, archetypes and female power.

How to Break a Habit in 21 Days

Are your bad habits causing problems in your life? Learn how to create some new good habits that will defeat your old bad habits.

Let the Past Be the Past?

Clients often express a desire to “let the past be the past,” or words to that effect. The problem is that unprocessed memories attach themselves to negative beliefs that have a strong adverse effect on the present and future. Only by dealing with trauma can one be free of these beliefs. EMDR offers a powerful technique for resolving trauma without re-traumatizing.

5 Timely Steps to Spring Forward Into Change

Whatever you want to bring into bloom – your next career step, a new sense of balance in your life, or just getting in flow – here are five steps to help you successfully create your transformation. Once you clear out space to let the new in, you’ll be amazed at how easily growth begins to flow.

The Psychology of Mindfulness Meditation: A Glimpse Into How and Why It Works

The subject of meditation has been coming up all around us for many years now. Many people are curious, but would like a basic introduction. The article that follows will give you a good basic understanding of the purpose of developing a meditation practice and how you can benefit from it.

4 Stages Of Retirement – How To Have Fun And Confuse Those Around You

I speak with some authority on this subject because I am finally there. And my first thought was: Is that all there is?! I am probably not the first person to have this terrible thought, but still being in possession of an inquisitive mind, I have now made it my mission to research the subject and see what’s out there for the recently released lifetime over-achievers… hopefully something that doesn’t lead to severe depression.

Learn How to Swim and Play the Keyboard Like a Pro

The dynamic nature of the world around us requires us to constantly learn and adopt new skills. This article explores the best approach to learning, for optimal results.

A Contagion of Mental Health

We have no difficulty summoning professional assistance in other areas but are reluctant to do so when it comes to our mental health. Similarly, we readily offer suggestions of assistance to our friends in every area except their mental health. Change will come when people consider mental health to be a right instead of a privilege.

You Are Here For a Reason

You know deep within your soul you are here for a purpose greater than the mundane activities of life. No one has to tell you, no one has to convince you. You just know it. And you are right. Discovering the reason you are here is a challenge you now face. Help in discovering your purpose is the focus of this article.

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