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Fear of Criticism

What is this fear of criticism? Is it something we’re born with? NO! It is something that is FORCED upon us when we are young and that plagues us for the rest of our lives. When we are children we have no idea of what criticism is until our parents, teachers and friends use it on us. I remember well being chastised for doing something with words like this: “Stop that people are looking, you’re embarrassing me!” “Don’t do that! What will people think?” “You can’t wear that shirt with those pants they don’t match, people will laugh at you.” Those are mild compared to what some poor kids have to go through. But parents are not as bad as some teachers. When I was in third grade the teacher, yes the teacher, made fun of select kids, arranged the kids in rows by the grade average they had in class and worse. What I saw teacher do to kids probably had very negative impacts on their lives.

How to Stop Worrying – In 30 Seconds or Less!

I’ve noticed that friends and colleagues (and probably most people, like you) tend to worry and stress over things they can’t control….in an effort to control the uncontrollable, they create an anxious feeling. Here’s a simple thing to try to feel free of this type of stress and worry: Surrender….yes, let go of trying to tightly manage everything in your life….let some things go undone, let some things be imperfect, let a few items fall off the bottom of your “to-do” list, and surrender your feeling of omnipotence.

Giving With Joy (Not Out of Duty)

I figured it out! I learned (via the hard, experiential way) how to give gifts from the heart and always feel good about it. The key is to give when you feel like giving, and only within your means.

Forgiveness: It’s All About You

Yes, you read that correctly….when you forgive someone, you don’t do it for their benefit. You do it because it is good for YOU.

How to Be Free of Anything

We’ve all heard it said that there are no new ideas, just ideas that are new to you. And this certainly fits into that description. For this is an old Hawaiian technique that is simple, yet very powerful in helping you to be free of anything that is bothering you.

Healing the Unconscious

This continues our discussion of the February New Moon and how we might collaborate with the spiritual energies now available to us. Please differentiate between the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind. The subconscious mind can be instructed by the conscious mind.

Short Observation About Translations

Knowing good or perfectly a foreign language is not a perfect guarantee of being able to do a professional translation. Beyond the knowledge of the language you need to manage almost perfectly the specific area the text you are translating belongs to. The following text is a short observation about what a translator should have in mind before starting to operate a text from a language to another.

What Geronimo Stilton Can Teach You About Life

There is perhaps no better way of teaching children some morals and life lessons than through books and stories. By telling them stories of fictional characters that go through different kinds of adventures all day, it will be easier to catch their attention and you will always be assured that they will learn something at the end of each story.

How to Use Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Mindfulness has become a popular method for changing many things about your life. And it appears simple. And it is, but unless you practice using it and become comfortable with the kind of focus and attentiveness you need to make it work you’re apt to become tired of doing it rather quickly. Let me give you an example of how it has been acclaimed as a great tool for dieting. All you have to do, so it is said, is to focus on every bite of food you take which automatically will slow down your eating, making you eat much less food and thus lose weight without going on a special diet.

Smile, Share the Love

I always need to remind myself, not to wait for anyone else to smile first, or to give a great big, Howdy-Welcome, as the folks behind the eyes you look into, just may be a bit more shy than you, and will respond accordingly to your encouragement. I found this to be so true in an RV park we spent some time at, I would attempt to make eye contact with someone, one lady in particular comes to mind, I was waiting at a park bench outside the facilities, she came out of the lady’s room, I tried to…

Physical and Social Heredity

When people hear heredity they immediately think of physical heredity; where you get your looks, your, supposedly, health preconditions and other physical traits. Physical heredity is what helps man evolve and become better physical; able to adapt to high altitudes, extreme heat and cold and live longer and healthier. The other factor we inherit comes from our social environment; this comes from your family, the town you live in, your friends, your teachers, religious leaders and governments. The people with the most influence on you are those who raise you. For the first five years of your life the ones that raise you influence what you eat, what religious belief you should follow, what you language you speak, what political belief you should have and so much more.

From Marital Separation to Friendship

Is it possible to reclaim the friendship after splitting? If the marriage was between people who once genuinely called themselves ‘friends’, with honest respect for each other, despite the pain of new separation the answer is yes, if both parties want it.

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