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Trying Crying Surviving

Perhaps through our mind’s eye, as we scan those slowly and evermore fading visions of our younger years as a child, we recall a few instances when we were attempting to accomplish something – but no matter how much of an effort we put into it, we seem to somehow fail. And of course, it wasn’t long before our ever exerting selves became all excited and we began to cry. We were way too young to realize that we were way to young to know the solution to whatever it was that caused our tears of failure.

Perception Leads to Perfection

Your perception is the address of your success. Right perception leads to right action. Right action gives your right results. A jaundice patient sees the whole world as jaundice patients. Your eyes may have the same reflection, but your perception will decide the altitude of your success. Nobody wants to take a rough path. Everybody wants to think positively and grab success.

Key Principles of Understanding Yourself

It is not always easy to truly understand yourself. There are so many layers and intricacies of the human existence that it is often confusing and sometimes just plain elusive. You have to be willing to work at it. You have to be persistent. You have to be willing to take the time out of your busy day to be with yourself, to probe, to challenge and to try to understand. Many things are involved and I want to give you a few keys to make your quest a little easier.

You Are Your Friend, Philosopher and Guide

Have you just started your professional life? Want to climb the ladder of success? Your every step is counted and more valuable for your career. Your teacher, parents might have guided you since your childhood. Sometimes they might have taken decision for your progress. Once you enter your professional life, you have to take your own decisions, keeping in view of the circumstances.

Enhance Your Ability to Set Priorities

If you prioritize your tasks which you wish to achieve during the course of your life, you will gain mental discipline. When different goals and tasks attack you like honey bees, it will create mental anarchy. You have to channelize these priorities and remove the clutter to avoid confusion. If you cannot set priorities, it will lead to confusion and you will not be able to achieve anything.

The Law of Attraction – Becoming Bigger First! Manifest Your Dreams After!

I did not know when I started this journey of personal transformation that so many things will happen to me! In fact, I am on the road of my personal dreams, as this is my deepest nature, it is easier to help other people than to find what are the blocks and beliefs that are inside us (and this is probably true for most people)… to manifest our own dreams!

August is What is Your Legacy Month

When was the last time you thought about the legacy you will leave when you are gone? It is not something most of us think about too often. I was a little taken aback when I first read it. Who in the world thought that up? Then I started to think about it and decided that it is a pretty good idea for all of us to take some time to really think about what it is that we want to leave to our posterity.

Hearts and Minds Together Make Life Easier

What happens when you want to do something (heart) but you do not think it is rational (mind)? If you are like me you get into an area of indecision. Often and inner battle takes place between your heart and your mind. Sometimes it is easy to reconcile and sometimes it is very hard to reconcile. Lots of times you just sit on the fence and worry over it. Clearly when that happens you are stuck – being unable to move in either direction. This is a pretty frustrating place to be. What can you do to get your heart and mind going in the same direction?

Self Improvement – Easy Ways to Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Looking for a great way to Energize your personal growth or push yourself to new personal levels? The methods described in this article can be a great start. Anyone interested in personal development growth is always searching for new and effective strategies for stimulating their personal growth.

A Straight Answer to the Question – Why Do I Need Mental Clarity?

We are faced with so many personal, academic and professional challenges every day. Dealing with them becomes so much easier when you have a clear head, or mental clarity. In this article you learn why you benefit from mental clarity.

Should Beginners Invest in Self Management Training?

You are ready to start working for someone of for yourself. Should you invest your hard earned money into a self management training? Read this article and get the answer to this very important question.

What Does Self Management Mean?

Self management is something more and more people are looking into. Let’s dive into this very special field of personal development. We have a look at why self management is so important for you.

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