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The Force That Transforms Us

Pressure is a transforming force in the universe. Intense pressure transforms everything it touches. We, as humans, call pressure stress. Stress is the gateway to human growth. However, it has a bi-product. The transformations caused by stress are always accompanied by a release of energy in the form of emotions. How we manage this release of emotions defines how well we can accept the growth we seek.

Learning to Appreciate Writer’s Block

We can never flourish when we are under the threat of any fear! That fear begins to grow, then possess our subconscious, then conscious, thinking.

How to Get Yourself Motivated

Our last article, Reasons to Get Motivated, gave us the big Why; now I would like to discuss How we get motivated. And the first thing about how is knowing what actually does motivate us. Self awareness, then, is the beginning of all wisdom. After all, we are all different, and it should come as no surprise we have different motivators. I say it should come as no surprise that we are all different, but strangely this fact seems to elude most employers in the private and public sectors. They tend to have a one size fits all kind of view of people and this is costing them money. Why? Because the view they almost always have is that the only reason people work is for money, and so their reward structures are invariably harnessed around pay increases – which are costly. What if, instead of paying people more, and potentially demotivating them, which again bizarrely often happens, we gave them what they really wanted and this didn’t cost them at all?

Eliminate the Word “Mistake” From Your Vocabulary

Would you live your life differently if you believed that no matter what choice you made it would not be considered a mistake? For individuals living at higher levels of energy and consciousness in their life, that is exactly how they go through their day to day existence.

How To Choose The Right Friends

Stay away from toxic relationships, for your own safety and protection. What are toxic relationships? They are relationships which are dangerous, because of the character of the persons befriended. Friendships are an important part of life, vital to our over-all growth and development as human beings. In this day and time, to have just two or three good, wholesome and real friends is a blessing. In an age when we must watch the company we keep and do our best to avoid bad company, it is up to us to ensure that we choose friends who practice good habits and who are authentic in godly behavior. The Holy Bible warns us that evil companionships and associations corrupt and deprave good manners and morals. (1 Corinthians 15: 33, The Amplified Bible) This means that the company we keep can influence us for the worst if we do not choose our friends wisely.

Be Open Minded to New Ideas and Embrace Fear

This article describes the opportunities that can come into our lives when we open our minds to the realm of possibility. Find out what can happen when we embrace fear for what it is – the Opportunity for Growth.

Creating Positive And Lasting Change In Your Life

Change is a deliberate act, based upon desire, imagination and pursuit. It is not a matter of just wanting to change. Really, the question that should be asked is, “Will you change?” Desiring to do so, without being willing to make the changes necessary for transformation, is futile.

Take Time to Celebrate Your Successes

One of the things I’ve observed, particularly about the events that tend to occur in our day to day life, is that we don’t always take the time to celebrate the milestones we reach in completing them. That can be for several reasons. Some tasks we take for granted and feel we should be doing as part of our day to day life, so why celebrate them even if we are doing them well?

Learning To Be Patient

Learning to be patient, while working toward your goals and dreams is vital success. It is important that we understand the correlation between working and waiting, and how these two principles gel and work together to produce the desired results. Patience is not just sitting by, hoping that things will get better by and by. It is not passive. Patient is a spiritual force, which operates once certain principles are implemented. In order words, once we have done all that we can do to make things happened, and push things as far as we can, then, we should release the force of patience, and learn the power of waiting. To be patient means, to endure. It means to stick with something and stay with something, until the thing desired comes to pass, and becomes a reality. So patience is not sitting idly by, being lazy, leaving life to fate. Rather, patience is enduring, working and keeping at it, until you succeed. So patience is an active spiritual force.

Activate Your Inner Guidance

I received some responses to a recent article I wrote on whether it is possible for someone other than yourself to activate your inner guidance system. Can other people activate your inner guidance? In this article, I discuss what actually activates one’s inner guidance system.

How To Experience Transformation In Your Life

Transformation is necessary, if you are going to experience growth, development and advancement in life. You cannot remain the same, and expect to see changes in your life. It is said that, “the proof of insanity, is to keep doing the same things, expecting different results. It is simply ludicrous to actually think that things will get better for you, if you are not prepared to do what it takes to make things better. Life does not give you want you want. If you desire something, you will have to show that you are determined to get it, by making changes in your daily attitudes, habits, and activities, which will enforce the changes you want to see. To sit on the sidelines, hoping and praying for things just to happen for you, will result in much frustration, anxiety. It is simply not enough to want to experience transformation. If we are going to benefit from the advantages of life, we must be willing to participate in the changes we want to see.

7 Surefire Tools to Expand Your Mind

Mind expanding experiences are encounters that upgrade your mentality and change how you operate in life. They leave an impression on you and cause you to improve your lifestyle and your understanding of the world. You need to constantly be expose to new people, new places and new things.

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