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Overcoming Boredom in Six Steps

Boredom is something that everyone experiences at some point or another. Yes, children are usually the fastest to proclaim their boredom, but you have to admit that you’ve felt it yourself at some point!

Take Time Out To Have A More Rewarding Life

How often do you take time out? Have you ever thought of how differently your life would be if you took more time out. Life gets busy for us all no matter what kind of person you are.

Happily Being You – It Looks Best On You

Are you happily being you or singing to someone elses tune? Life is a funny little thing, you plan out what you want out of it then people and situations come your way that seem to change your direction or even your perception.

Perception and Learning

The way we view ourselves and our world, and our past experiences and observations of others help to create both our healthy and unhealthy beliefs and behavior. Most of these learning experiences occurred in our childhood. How can we change and heal our problematic reactions to our early experiences? When emotions and thoughts are acknowledged and met without denial, resistance, or identification, they cycle in, change, and cycle out. Our pathology comes from stopping this natural cycle, thereby, freezing or blocking them in mid-cycle within our bodies and psyche.

A Search For Perfection – Where Does It Lead?

How often have you found yourself on a search for perfection? Did you find it? Or are you still searching?

How to Have Prosperity and Wealth

This morning whilst on my walk I was listening to the recording of a motivational speaker who was speaking about prosperity, what it is, how we can have it and what potentially stops us from being prosperous in life. What struck a chord with me in this talk on prosperity was the idea that in order to prosper, there needs to be some serious discontent in our lives. Without discontent about where we are versus where we want to be, there is unlikely to be any prosperity.

How To Become A More Grateful Person

Not many of us were educated to be grateful for what we have. We have been taught instead to focus primarily on goals and achievements that we are working toward. In other words, we have been taught to focus on what we don’t have yet.

5 Ways to Practice Courage

Some days it can be tough to have the courage to charge at your dreams. It can be tough to be going full steam ahead in the opposite direction from the cows in this world. Courage is the foundation of being a great person.

The Secret to a Mental Control for Success and Abundance

Mental control is crucial to achieving your goals. Where would you like greater success? What are you willing to do to create a better life? Managing your brain is where success begins.

Your Order Is Getting Ready – The Law of Gestation Is Working

The Law of Gestation says that there is a time for everything. Every seed has an incubation period. Every idea needs time to become a product or service. Every dream needs time to make it real. Some things need more time than others. Practice this formula and let the Law of Attraction work together with the Law of Gestation to manifest everything you want.

The Purpose of Your Life and How to Find It

The purpose of life is to live it. To be immersed in that which we call “experience” to such a degree that we may know what it is that we truly want. And because we are the furthest most ripple of that which we call source or god, when we reach out eagerly and without fear for that newer and richer experience, we carry source with us into that new place. And thus… the inevitable byproduct of life in the physical dimension is the evolution of all that is.

Is There Life After Medicine?

Doctors thinking of leaving medicine may wonder if they will be bored when they no longer have the daily stimulus of solving medical problems and challenges of difficult patients. This combined with the a common misconception amongst doctors that a Life after Medicine will be dull, lifeless, uneventful, uninteresting and unexciting. No wonder so many of you prefer to stay in the profession than explore and experience the alternative. If you are thinking about leaving the medical profession and wondering if these things will apply to you then be re-assured that there are many opportunities available to you that there truly is a good life after Medicine, if you are determined to make it so.

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