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Implement These Steps for Greater Personal Effectiveness

Here are some simple steps you can use to become more personally effective. I call it personal effectiveness rather than personal productivity for a reason. Productivity implies the efficient use of time – doing more in less time. This is not about that! If you are not willing to seriously consider the kind of life you want to live and adjust your time accordingly, stop here.

I Don’t Want To Get Involved

We may think we don’t want to be, and are not, involved in what goes on around us at work, in the community, in government. But we are. Our influence is felt for good or bad in everything that goes on.

Crawling Out of the Slime Pit: Escaping the Severely Toxic Family

Systems tend to resist change and families are systems. Your goal in psychotherapy is to effect changes in your life, but the goal of a family system is to maintain equilibrium, and this means thwarting your efforts to achieve personal growth. Escaping from a seriously toxic family may feel like trying to crawl out of a slime pit. Once you have managed to extricate yourself, resist efforts to draw you back. Seek new friends, new networks, and new social situations that will support your changes toward health instead of trying to undo them.

Life Purpose: 5 Reasons People Don’t Live Their Passions, Part 2

This is the second in a series of articles describing why people who want to live a more fulfilling life by being on purpose, fail to follow through with making the changes they desire. Specifically, this article deals with the problem of feeling not enough time and lack of commitment due to overwhelm. Suggestions are given to overcome this obstacle.

A Quality That Creates a Positive Life – Empathy

This article will ask you what you believe empathy to be and the author will explain what the word means to her. You will be given an example of the interaction that sparked the question “What does empathy mean to you?”

On-Boarding The Right People – Are You The Right Fit!

We all are challenged with hiring the right people but recruitment and retention are those costs we would prefer not to encounter. The bottom line with recruitment is marketing to the right audience especially when it comes to hiring frontline staff.

Change Your Thinking With Personal Growth And Development

Are you a victim of the cruelty and unfairness of life? Maybe you have just lost your job due to the global recession, or have just gone through a divorce. Maybe you are having health problems or have just fallen into a state of depression due to a mixture of struggles and difficulties. One thing is for sure, and that is “everyone has problems”. It is not so much the problems at issue here, but at how you deal with them and how you respond to life in general.

Seeking to Be in Control Blocks Awareness

We think we are fully conscious, totally responsible for our decisions, and fully endowed with free will. The reality however, is that we only tap into a small portion of what can be known. Chapman offers some simple techniques for raising awareness.

Being True To Ourselves Creating A Balanced Life!

When you take an honest look on what is going on inside, how you view a particular situation and what is the real reason that you are not smiling inside, you put yourself in a much healthier position in more ways than one. The act of looking is creating an avenue for change and you actually open a door that is possible for you to walk through. Even if you feel uncomfortable analysing your feelings, the fact that you are wanting to recognise your truth, you are creating the basis for change. In that instance, you have been prepared to look beyond your normal perceived horizon. It’s when we ignore our feelings, nothing changes; things have a habit of getting worse.

Three Steps Towards Putting Things Back Together When Life Falls Apart

Even if you feel your life should be declared a national disaster, there are ways to move on and come out better than before. Sift through what feels like wreckage. Throw away what doesn’t work for you, and keep the good experiences. Find the gifts in both the good and the bad, and stay grounded in the present moment. Then walk confidently towards all that is new and exciting about your life.

Better Health – The Tips and Tricks

No matter what your present health situation is there is always room for improvement. For most people having better health can be achieved by following some simple lifestyle changes. By improving your health you become happier as a person, which improves your confidence and self-esteem. Having this positive attitude as a result from your well-being also affects the people around you in a positive way, making you a more likeable and attractive person.

Self-Improvement: A 3 Part Approach

We often come to points in our lives where we feel it necessary to change, whether it be internally or externally. However, often accompanying this feeling of a need to change is resistance to said change due to fear or lack of resources to work towards it. The following will discuss a 3 part approach towards setting yourself up to make positive change in your life.

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