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The Miami Heat Learns Through Pain – Don’t Let Your Pain Hold You Back

In order to overcome a painful experience, you must first acknowledge and identify the pain that is holding you back. In order for the Miami Heat to be able to look at that painful experience and grow from it, they had to analyze what they did wrong. Sometimes when we have a painful experience, we cover it, are ashamed by it, or never want to talk about it. Yet, talking about it and recognizing it are the two things that we should do. When we acknowledge, talk about and analyze the pain that is holding us back, it serves as a stepping-stone to our success.

Personal Growth: 5 Rewarding Steps To Personal Wealth

Your personal wealth can be built in steps. In this article you will see 5 steps leading you to personal wealth.

Self Development: 3 Traits To Develop On Your Road To Riches

Developing confidence, creativity and character is detrimental when on your road to wealth. Start developing them step by step and take a little time every day to develop these 3 traits.

Cultivating a Sense of Gratitude

How often do you sit in a cafe, hands cupping a warm latte, grateful for the hands that carefully picked coffee cherries, which ended up in your mug? I remember on several occasions my mood is anything but grateful despite having everything I need. I can afford little luxuries too, like a quality cup of chai with steamed soymilk.

Owning Up: Emotional Honesty

Emotional honesty-being open and transparent about our feelings and our behaviors-is extremely difficult in a culture that consistently bends the truth in order to sell a product, to protect an institution, or to hide another national security secret. Our traditional faiths often tell us to “confess” our sins, but, in the end, that confession often fails to expose many of our psychological dysfunctions. It is only when I became totally open with a therapist that I began to discover my fears and my psychological MOs. And it was that process of honesty that enabled me to become truer to myself and to others.

Top 5 Tips to Earn Trust

We go through life building many relationships with the people we meet. The types of relationships vary from close friendships to casual work acquaintances. What is important in all these relationships is that they are founded and maintained on trust. This article seeks to provide 5 top tips to help achieve that trust in your relationship.

Living Life’s Purpose Effectively

Instead of letting life happen to you, Make life happen for you. How? By Living Your Life On Purpose.

How Do You Select a Good Mentor?

Do you know how to select a good mentor? When you are reaching for a goal, whether personal or business, one step to take is to find a mentor.

Uncover What Is Holding You Back

When you are having any kind of a challenge, be it personal, professional, etc. There is a fast and free way to quickly get down to what is going on; to understand why you do things, or want things, or need things. It is to ask yourself progressively penetrating questions. The most important requirement for this technique to work is a capability to be honest with yourself. What gets uncovered may surprise you.

Simple Therapy: A Walk in the Woods

One of the easiest ways to improve your mental and physical health is by walking and preferably walking in nature. This simple exercise gives the participant stimulus for their bodies and for their minds and brings a sense of peace and tranquility.

What Is The Higher Self and What Is Its Relationship to You and Your Soul?

The term “higher self” is used a lot in spiritual and self-development circles, but what exactly does it mean? And how can your higher self help you to be the very best possible version of yourself?

7 Essentials to Sparkle Up Your Morning

Ever notice that when your morning starts off peaceful and serene your whole day flows better? How we go about the first waking hour influences our entire day.

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