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Seven Tips to Bring Up Psychologically Healthy Kids

It can be really difficult to bring up healthy and well balanced kids in our current culture and times. The media and peer pressure can really work against your teen. It is important for parents to find a way to encourage our teens to develop healthy psychological habits so that they will be healthy and happy. In this article, I will outline seven tips to bring up psychologically healthy teens.

The Rules of Long Term Change – Stop Complaining About the Universe and Actually Get What You Want

Life has rules. In the same manner that one cannot ignore the rules of mathematics and expect one’s checkbook to balance; or disregard the “Golden Rule”, and not be surprised when the remainder of society ostracizes you; one cannot change one’s life without paying homage to the rules that govern it. This is an overview of the main “universal rules” that will allow you to actually change.

Being Who You Are

Two words…Howard Roth. Years ago a friend asked if I would help an acquaintance sell a home on Camelback Mountain. Always wanting to help a friend, I agreed and set up an appointment to meet with Howard Roth. Howard was an architect and engineer who had designed some of the more preeminent buildings in downtown Phoenix. Sometimes inspiration comes in the places you least expect.

Foods That Make You Grow Taller and Improve Height Growth

You need protein, calcium, calories and amino acids to improve height growth. Your diet should include foods that make you grow taller like coconut milk, fresh coconut, soy-milk, fresh vegetables, walnuts, almonds, etc.

Reclaim a Beginners Mind

From the time we are born we are inundated with beliefs from our parents, religion, siblings, peers, society and media as a whole. We get to a point in our lives where we no longer want to believe what we have been told to believe or do. Now is the time to realize that you are the leader and creator of your own life; and you can construct it exactly as you want!

The Type, Quality & Purpose of Relationships

Relationships can be determined by type, quality and purpose. Different types of relationship can have different qualities and a different purpose. This is what makes all relationships individual and unique to those within the relationship.

The Garden Of The Mind

One of the great mysteries of mankind is that of the human mind and the relationship between its conscious and subconscious elements. Most of us are well aware of how important conscious decisions are to our lives, since we can see the result of our decisions in a tangible manner.

Talking From the Heart

Hands up who’s ever verbally lashed out at someone, a loved one in anger or pure frustration, when really you are feeling desperately hurt, alone or unloved? Has it helped the situation? Or just made it worse? Because you still have not be able to express what is really the problem for you.

Adjusting Your Teaching Style to Various Methods

Our preferred learning style usually affects the way we teach others. This is true not only for educators, but to every individual. We are comfortable about doing things that we are usually expert at, hence, we unconsciously impart learning using only our own teaching style. Oftentimes however, a mismatch occurs between the teaching style and the learners’ way of learning. The transfer of knowledge can only be effective if and when it caters to the needs and the learning styles of the student.

Quantum Mind Power – Attaining All Your Desires Through Your Own Mental Power

Did you know that you have astounding mind power that can get you anything you desire? Much like Zen monks, you can reach deep meditative states which will enable you to condition your mind to manifest financial wealth, blissful relationships, self esteem and good health. There is a brain wave entrainment program called Quantum Mind Power which helps to condition your mind to create what you desire in life.

Changing Your Behavior – The Difference That Makes The Difference

When it comes to behavior change there are two types of people: Those who have rules. And those who fail, miserably. Change is very very difficult.

5 Great Tips to Getting the Most From Your Self-Improvement Journaling Session

As you begin to explore where you want to focus your self-improvement efforts through your journaling sessions, you can apply these 5 tips for getting the most from each session. 1. Choose your venue – Choose a place that has a comfortable setting for you.

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