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Making Good Decisions

In good times and bad, the ability to make good decisions is crucial. Our survival depends upon being able to size up a situation or puzzle through a dilemma and make wise choices that will put us on the right path. Often, we must make decisions fast and on the fly. The available data may be incomplete or unreliable. But if we intend to survive and maybe even thrive, we must learn to play the hand that’s been dealt and that means making the right decisions in a timely fashion because time is money.

Alignment in the New Consciousness

The alignment of consciousness is not so much about what we do, but about how we feel. At times our lives can be extremely challenging. We may feel frustrated, depressed, and even fearful. In the midst of such challenges, we may wonder how to live a more balanced life. One key to remember is that all of our experiences lead us to the next step on our spiritual journey. Indeed, it is important for us to understand that we already have all that we truly need to take our next steps into alignment.

He Drank, He Drove, He Died – Justice Is Still Alive

The article discusses society’s dishonesty. It shows how people like to believe in lies when it suits them. The example discusses drunk driving and its consequences.

Practice Leads to Better Than Perfect

Practice moves you from where you are today to where you want to be. It provides learning and growth, builds skills, creates new habits, and cultivates resilience and strength. And that’s just a handful of its many benefits. Consistent practice creates extraordinary results. What practice doesn’t do is make perfect.

Do You Hide Your Light to Avoid the Dark?

Kindness – I used to be kind to everyone. It’s in my nature to be kind, I’ve also been massively co-dependent. It was easier to be kind than say no, I got to avoid a confrontation.

Bring Balance Back Into Your Life

The ability to find and maintain balance in your life is a skill. Some people may be more or less skilled at keeping up with all the responsibilities in their lives than you are. If you already feel pretty good about this, you probably can share this article with someone who may need it more than you. If you feel overwhelmed, and not sure how to keep it all running smoothly, then you’re in luck. Finding and maintaining balance is a skill, and because it’s a skill, you can learn or improve it. It’s also a habit. and once you learn a new habit, it gets easier and easier to keep it up. Ready?

Re-Inventing Yourself After Public Embarrassment

You are Jane or John Q Public. What would you do if you found yourself in a publicly embarrassing situation? How would you recover? Consider a micro-reinvention strategy for yourself.

7 Simple Strategies to Immediately Improve All Aspects Of Your Life

1) “Eat to live, don’t live to Eat” I think it is important to start out with health because without your health there isn’t much we can really accomplish. I don’t think it is more important than the others they all have their value, but it is an essential building block of an extraordinary life. If you can begin to start making some healthier eating decisions choosing foods that give you energy instead of foods that make you exhausted, implement a regular workout routine and begin drinking plenty of water, you will immediately begin to feel better.

Six Super-Duper Resources for Discovering Your Purpose for Living

The coffee table I built in wood-shop in the 11th grade has never wanted to be a ladder, dining room table or a boat. It has had one purpose in life, and has been quite content to be a coffee table. OK, I used it once or twice to stand on to change a light bulb, however that did not make it a ladder.

Memory Is a Tool for Success

Using our memories effectively is not automatic. Memories can be useful or a waste of time. Learning what to ignore and what to focus on is the key.

Fear and Love

We are living in a strange time, there is so much competing for our attention, so much going on 24/7 and so much coming at us that many people feel overwhelmed, tried, even fearful. So many people seem to want things from us and we go at a pace where we’re often moving too fast and then too tired from all that ‘doing’ to remember we’re human ‘beings’ and just being is what can recharge and feed us.

The One Thing That Is Holding You Back, And One Thing You Should Do Each Day

I think everyone has a limit on what they are comfortable doing and when they feel out of their element. Even that “adrenaline junky” who thrives on taking big risks probably has some area of life where they hold back and don’t push themselves to the edge.

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