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What Is Respect?

The meaning of respect and who it is given and shown to has differed throughout history. In some eras, respect was forced upon all due to heavenly ordnance.

How Do You Solve Everyday Life Problems?

We all encounter challenging everyday life problems. Usually, we rely on own experience to solve this problems. But why is this not always wise?

Compassion: The Essence Of Healing

The essence of healing, compassion, has often been confused with feeling sorry FOR someone, or showing kindness TO them. In compassion we join WITH someone on an equal basis, out of choice, not obligation. The closest in meaning to compassion is unconditional love. Compassion, the essence, the heart of healing does not require degrees, professional expertise or special training. Effective healing entails the activation of the other person’s own inner healer. Since all healing is self healing, and self healing is activated through compassion, we can all heal and be healed by one another.

Life on Purpose: What Do I Want Right Now?

Who wants to live your life on purpose? C’mon, raise your hands!

How to Find Happiness: Resentful? Who, Me?

Resentment. It’s such an ugly word.

How to Enjoy Life – One Day at a Time

Ever wonder how to enjoy life? This month we continued our focus on living out our life’s purpose.

Open the Gateway to a Conscious Magnificent Life

“To change a habit, make a conscious decision, then act out the new behavior.” ~Maxwell Maltz~ Do you ever have a feeling that you’re drifting through life, and not going where you want to go?

Explore Your Spiritual Side

For complete fulfilment in life I recommend that you Explore Your Spiritual Side! While looking after your physical health it is also important to develop and explore your own spirituality. As human beings we are capable of great depths of enlightenment and understanding and if we do not explore these possibilities within ourselves we can miss out on a deep sense of satisfaction and inner peace.

12 Ways To Invest In Yourself

In a time of increasing economic and social uncertainty it is imperative that you invest in yourself for your personal transformation which leads to growth in all other areas (professional, social, etc). Here are 12 ways you can start investing in yourself right now.

Do Your Promises Take Over the Commitment You Made to Yourself

What was revealed to me was to just relax because you are never meant to be done. Period. Instead, we are meant to grow, thrive and expand. We are here on this planet to create, express and share our divine gifts. It’s all about our creative juices. And as you create, your list grows. You have new ideas, desires and wants… the list grows. You think of new ways to play… the list grows. You have a new business idea… the list grows.

Change Is Growth

My life is in a state of change. The changes accelerated when, in April, I needed to decide whether to retire from teaching graphic design in June, or stick it out another year. It was not an easy choice because I enjoy teaching, I like my students and love what I teach. There is also security in having a consistent income, health insurance, etc. So, why would I retire? Because I have a mission to accomplish this lifetime and teaching high school is not it. Melissa said to me one day, “You are helping 75 students a year teaching when you could be helping thousands.” I got chills when she said that and deep inside realized I was past due to take a leap of faith.

Live Life Instead of Racing Through It

Did you even see that red light or were you so busy looking ahead that you wized right past it? What happens when you don’t stop? That’s right, you put yourself and everyone else around you in danger. If that is true then isn’t running through life at warped speed just as dangerous? I know, there are always a thousand things to do but if we don’t take time out for ourselves we are putting our relationships and for that matter, even our souls in danger. Now more than ever in my life I value experiences more than things. I want memories instead of a bunch of stuff. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting nice things, we just have to be careful that we don’t put ourselves and those around us in danger so we can attain stuff. We all know, “we can’t take it with us.” Read this article to find how you too can slow down and live life to the fullest.

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