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What Could Your Life Be Like 5 Years From Now?

I was inspired to write this post because today, June 30th 2012 is the iPhone’s 5 year anniversary. Now I am not an early adopter so I did not get the iPhone when it first came out, and no I don’t wait in line for things either, but when I purchased my first iPhone I said to myself, “Where have you been all my life!”

Shadows of the Past

A shadow is nothing more than light that has been blocked. Shadows of the past or future that we hold in ourselves are no different. These blocks are events that have happened or we want, yet, haven’t happened.

Improve Your Personal Development

Growth and progression of a certain person is the main concentration of personal development. Personal development allows people to discover and explore ways as well as their minds in order to improve quality of their lives and them as a person. It is an essential routine for every individual to have their own journal.

Don’t Talk To Strangers

Sometimes the well intentioned rules for children could have an impact on the lives of adults. Such impact could negatively affect adults.

How To Become Self-Confident

This article will tell you the 3 components of self-confidence. I will give you tips that you can use straight away to improve your self-confidence.

How to Overcome Fears and Obstacles

There are benefits to your fears and current self-defeating behaviors. Once you understand what those are and why you have to change now, you can overcome anything!

30 Ways to Look and Feel Great in 30 Days

Do you want to look and feel great? If so, then follow these 30 tips to transform your life.

Catching On to Your Life Story

It’s not what circumstances and events enter our lives, it’s what we make of them. Meet two women who had very similar early losses, but took them in entirely different directions. They prove the power of how we view what happens to us over the events themselves.

Resilience in the Ruins

What looks like a disaster can become a whole new start. But why do some people buckle under to a traumatic event, while others bounce back? The difference is resilience. There is nothing like a devastating fire to clarify what is worth saving.

The Spot Where Only You Can Stand

Do you suspect that your life is not very interesting? That you live such an ordinary life, that anyone could do what you have done? Quite the opposite. The events of your life, the beliefs you have formed, and the ways you have survived place you on a spot where no one else can stand. Only you can speak from there, and only you can share your story with a world that needs all the wisdom it can get.

The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Write: Your Ethical Will

If you died tomorrow, would your family and loved ones know what your life was about? Would they know what they meant to you, and how you want to be remembered? Writing an ethical will gives you the chance to pass down your life lessons, beliefs, values, stories, and hopes to your loved ones. It is the most important letter you will ever write.

Mold a Degree From Thousands of Free College Courses

Exploding communications technology and the generous contributions from colleges and universities to the reservoir of courses available to the public for free is making home schooling college possible.. We are now able to patch together our own college degree programs.

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