Shocking Truth on Past Life & Fixed Destiny Paths | Awaken Your Consciousness [Master Sri Akarshana]

Live Fully Alive, One Breath at A Time

Learn to live fully alive, one breath at a time. A simple meditation that you can do anywhere, anytime!

What’s Wrong With Me?

As a sensitive and for most other sensitives often wonder how our experience of ‘how can I overcome what is so overwhelmingly strong; will I have to continue to tough this out in my life. Will it every change?

8 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Skills

Enhancing your skills outside your work environment and comfort zone can make you a value able asset. Those who have no skill and those who do not improve their skill are no different from each other because they are limited within their means. Your should grab every opportunity to improve your skills.

Heroes Vs Villains

Everyone loves superhero films. I’m not sure about you but I sure do! Whether you’re a fan of the righteous heroes or the witty villains, we all can agree that the never ending battle between good and evil can be really entertaining. Read this article by Harsha to understand the entertaining battle between good and bad within ourselves and what should truly matter..

The Power of Changing Yourself

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. This article is an interpretation of this quote by Heerraa.

What All Women Want

Does anyone know what women want; do women know what they want? Yes. The answer is yes, women know what they want. This age-old question that is typically answered with a shrug and a joke does indeed have a detailed answer.

Genetic Patterns and The Spectrum of Consciousness

Waking up to who you are and transcending the human condition is now the priority for many. By contemplating ancient texts with modern scientific knowledge we discover that the keys for our release are hidden in our own genes which are responding to the influx of new energies coming to this planet. By releasing belief systems and the veil of the lower self we can consciously move into our own divinity.

Character Within

If you could express yourself as a movie character, who would it be? Would you be as forgiving of yourself as the person on screen and would others accept you, flaws and all?

21 Routines To Renew You In The New Year

As we’re closing out this year and welcoming a new one, I want to talk to you a little bit about the importance of renewal. Each year is a clean slate. Each day is a fresh start. So let’s take advantage of that, shall we? It’s time to incorporate some revitalizing and renewal practices into your day! I’ve created a list of renewal practices for you to contemplate and choose from.

Ageing Gracefully

Are you growing old? Do you want to always feel and stay young? No one wants to grow old. Come and learn a few new tricks and a lifestyle to stay young and vibrant!

Avoid the Wake Up Call

I once heard a story of a man who went to visit with a friend. When he got to his friend’s house there was old dog that was lying down on the front porch of the friend’s house. The dog was whining and whimpering constantly.

Letting Go: How Can Someone Let Go Of The Past?

While there are experiences that one can have that won’t stop them from being able to carry on with their life; there are other experiences that can stop them from being able to move forward. When this happens, time will pass but their point of focus is going to be on what took place in the past.

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