Shifting from Thinking to Being (10 Minute Guided Meditation)

Taking A Vacation Is Good For The Soul

Last week my husband and I spent 3 glorious nights at Nambucca Heads on the central coast of NSW, Australia. We travelled from Brisbane and our friends came from Sydney, so we thought it would be a good half way place to meet.

Our Words Are Like Toothpaste

Words are powerful tools. Be careful how you use them.

Common Energy Healing Responses

As with pain relief, gaining more clarity is almost guaranteed with Reiki. It seems to clear the cobwebs of the mind, and most people report feeling lighter and clearer. One animal communicator reported that after a very deep sleep, the next morning she finally got clarity about a lost pet she had been working on that had been stumping her.

The Benefits of Living Fearlessly

This article shares insights on the many benefits to living fearlessly. Embracing the innate courage within your soul empowers you to face your challenges with a “I Can Overcome This!” attitude.

On Doing the Right Thing

Do we always need to see a payoff, tangible or otherwise, for everything we do? If we always felt that way, what would be the message to the young people watching us? Sometimes our greatest blessings and strongest growth come when we do something simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Probable Life Paths

A snowball that is rolling down a steep hill is on a probable life path, and so are you. All life, including those of trees, insects, and fish have probable life paths, and so do human beings. Much depends on where you will end up at the end of your life here on this planet. If you possess a victim mentality you will falsely believe you have no options. You will complain rather than choose, or persecute rather than direct your life towards a healthier probable life path. This is a free will zone, and YOU are the creator of your reality, whether you accept or acknowledge that your are or not.

Suicide and Adult Children of Alcoholics

Since embracing the idea that my life and all its turmoil was directly linked to the alcoholism that had plagued my family for generations, incrementally my life has gotten better and better. Up until my full acknowledgement of just how deeply my wounds ran–and more specifically why my wounds ran so deeply, incrementally my life had continued to spiral out of control. When I used to hear the term ‘Adult Child of an Alcoholic’ it never phased me to consider that I or my siblings, or my parents for that matter could have ever been associated with such a title…

Part 1 – 6.5 Ways to Tear Down Your Artificial Fences Around Your Business

Part 1 of the 6.5 Ways to tear down your artificial fences. What are your artificial fences. Is it public speaking? Have you failed at a business? Do you think that making a lot of money is wrong? Do you think being happy is selfish? Do you compare yourself to others? Do you think that you have to compromise your values to create wealth? Do you think you are not smart enough, tall enough, too fat, or too short? These are artificial fences that are not true. These are lies and false perceptions.

A Primer on Personality

The term personality refers to a person’s unique psychological characteristics: behavioral, emotional and cognitive. Your personality is made up of an interaction between your traits and temperament. Traits are features of your personality that are stable over time and across situations.

How to Know You Are Using Inspired Action With the Law of Attraction

A few commonly asked questions about the amazing Law of Attraction. With the law of attraction when should I let go and when should I act? How do you figure out what inspired action is, how does one know when to allow and when to act?

Using Social Cues to Facilitate Personal Success

Since people are social animals in every sense of the word, it makes sense that learning how to accurately understand one another is incredibly important. Learning how to interpret the messages you receive from other people is really about a lot more than being a good listener when others are talking.

10 Ultimate Tips to Power Your Mindset and Gain More Self Confidence

Self confidence plays such an important role in our everyday lives and we don’t realize just how important that confident mindset means to our achievement. Here are 10 tips to create a solid mindset and gain more self confidence for reaching goals, feeling great, and living your dreams.

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