Self Reflection Guided Meditation ~ You’ve Come So Far!

Charge the Mind With Self-Confidence

Your mind is a source of energy that is transmitted from you through the vibrations of thought and tunes into situations and people that share the same frequency you transmit. This transmission is of two types; positive and negative. Positive thoughts transmit from you and find other people and situations of a positive nature, or negative thoughts find the negative; what you find depends on what you are thinking. Self-confidence is a great way to charge the mind in the positive direction. By consistently building up your self-confidence you will increase the level of the positive charge of your mind. It is therefore imperative you begin on a plan that will begin increasing your self-confidence.

Wearing Somebody Else’s Shoes

They always say that you can’t judge someone until you’ve “walked a mile in their shoes”!! It gives you empathy and appreciation for what that person deals with. How very true this is, let me tell you why.

Emotional Freedom Technique – What Is It?

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique exactly? In this article I will explain what this simple technique is and how it can change your life!    

What Do You Really Want in Life? Make Up Your Mind

For one thing, people rarely take the time to be with the most important person in their life. Yet, we all have the same most important person. The most important person in your life should be YOU!

Why Am I Never Happy?

Your spirit has prompted you to seek the answer to this dilemma and if you are serious in solving the perplexity of your inertia then open your mind and allow opportunities to be presented. When we have no interest in anything and maybe we never had in the past or perhaps through some incident or other we have fallen into a lull of inactivity and disinterest there is emptiness that does not sit well with our spirit and it seeks to find out why. Happiness has no external anchors by which to maintain constancy as it is only through self-exploration we find true and substantial peace and even the ability to enjoy the simple things of life.

Change Your Perception, Change Your Life

You can learn to change how you perceive your past and in doing so change your future. Shifting just one moment may have a tremendously powerful impact on how you perceive your life today and in the future.

Communication Bridges Differences

As I helped two people during a mediation yesterday, I couldn’t help thinking about the stark differences between the two. Their personalities, their methods of communicating with others, their attitudes about life and the job, the way they interacted with fellow co-workers, and much more were clearing on opposite sides of whatever spectrum one would want to measure things by. And this mediation was nothing out of the ordinary, I find differences all the time. Many work place meditations I do involve these very same kinds of differences, and most often it is ineffective communication that polarizes the individuals and brings out the worst of the differences, rather than communicating effectively and using the differences to make the work place and organization stronger.

Healthy Boundaries Are Essential To Personal Happiness And To Relationship Success – 2

The first part of this article explored how important healthy boundaries are to personal happiness and relationship success. In that part I took a look at common boundary misconceptions such as holding the belief that ‘unless I focus on others and always put their needs and wants first I’m just being selfish’; or living with the guilt-inducing perception that other people’s happiness depends on me; or being driven by the belief that I have to work tirelessly in order to ‘earn’ my value and worth. In this article I continue to debunk further boundary myths and to explore more boundary truths.

The Truth About Self Development

WARNING – This blog post contains the truth about development and growth. If you are looking for the magic bullet, secret formula, quick fix or you are adverse to work, discipline and commitment – this post is not for you. This post is about the three requirements to develop and grow personally.

Discover Your Voice

Start listening to the voice inside that is talking to you about what you really should do. Step out of your comfort zone and take action. Discover your voice and use it to move ahead with strength and power to travel the path you are meant to. See how I take action everyday.

Mind Body Medicine

The modality of mind medicine (thought) is the most important part of healing. No matter how much you do on the physical level to change circumstances that have already manifested, they will continue to manifest again and again if the thoughts you are habitually thinking remain the same. No matter what the statistics and odds tell you, anything that has manifested in the physical in the first place, has the ability to change. Nothing exists in this physical world that with or without certain changes being made, has a decided outcome.

Become a Victor

Today, we’re going to talk about being a victor, which is V-I-C-T-O-R, and we’re going to break that down. V: is for somebody who is a visionary. In order to be extremely successful, you have to have to be able to see into the future.

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