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The Three C’s – Competition, Competence and Cooperation

Competition spurs us on to achievement. However, depending on the inner motivation, it can promote personal growth or become toxic to an individual’s psyche and relationships.

Grow As a Person By Releasing Your Old Self

Are you looking to grow as a person but are confused on where to go? Have you ever wondered why turn your life into a series of events instead of letting it process and flow through? By turning your life into a series of events, you can really jack your brain up.

The Line in the Sand!

A road map to better Life within and out, What we create within ourselves that then plays out in the reality outside in the “real World” How do we take responsibility for that? Or do we even try?

5 Ways to Memorize Scripture

Since the Bible is the basis by which Christianity exists, many Christians like to memorize its scriptures. Nevertheless, many adults really do not know the best way to memorize scripture and how to use the scripture they know. This article will help people learn the best methods for memorizing scripture so they can apply it to their lives.

Ideas To Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Like it or not, the one and only person who can determine your success is YOU. Whatever your dreams are, whatever your goals in life may be, the only person who can truly get you across the line is you. Being happy is a choice. Your choice. Obviously there will be bad days, we all have those, it’s how you deal with it that counts.

Five Reasons Pastors and Leaders Seek Counseling

Pastors and ministry leaders pour themselves out mentally and emotionally to help others but they can go astray and need professional counseling help themselves. A Christian counselor describes the five major counseling needs he has witnessed.

Be a Grown Ass Man

Defining manhood. What does it mean to be/act as a man in today’s western world?

Ways To Show Your Deep Gratitude

Everyday we live is an opportunity to show our gratitude. Just waking up each day gives us another chance to be better than we were the day before!

Benefits of Constant Self-Education and Personal Growth

Some people want to learn something every day but some do not want to read even a single book. Schools and Universities may provide us with the certain knowledge but do not give information which may be useful in our adult life.

One and Only Resolution for 2013: Taking Action

A great majority of people make New Year’s resolutions at the end of every single year. However, most resolutions are never accomplished. The fact that nobody appears to keep or accomplish his or her resolutions has significantly lessened their charm over the years. Making resolutions for the coming year can be a terrific idea, but it is only valuable as long as there is an effective execution plan. Without the ability to take action, any kind of resolution is almost unattainable.

I Feel Stuck: What Do to When You Can’t Stay Even One More Day

When you find yourself saying, “I feel stuck,” the only way to breakthrough the pattern and get unstuck is to make a choice that engages both your mind AND your heart. It’s easy to stay in a comfortable holding pattern vowing that we have to stay until we get more clarity, until the income is right, or until we can simply figure out what to do next. But that’s rarely the truth.

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do To Create Real Change

If you think that identifying the source of a problem will give you the tools to solve it, think again. Master coach and psychologist Gary Jordan, PhD., shares the number one stumbling block on the road to change – and how to overcome it.

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