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The Basic Habits That Lead To Success

I have been doing a lot of networking and public speaking these past months! It seems that, wherever I go, I am constantly asked about my daily and weekly habits – “What do you do on a regular basis to succeed?” For many years, I just assumed that what I did – everyone did! Well, you know what ‘they say’ about making assumptions. And ‘they’ are right! I want to talk about habits today – and what it takes to succeed. But, first, let’s examine what a habit is.

Blinded by the Bright Light

We choose so often to see the safety of what we want to see, instead of the scary storm that’s approaching us. When the storm hits – we drop to our knees in shock and ask, “What the heck happened? How can this be?”

3 Steps to Get Your Groove Back

I talked about the lesson my little dog Lyra taught me – all about climbing that fence to go for your goal. Today I want to chat a bit about how to swing beyond our new economy fences – to find our Groove and hit it outta the park of life. So here’s what I did over the past weekend to begin finding my fences, and start to get my groove back. First, you have to find your fences.

Nourish Your Life Force With Vibrant Energy

While meditating the other day and thinking about two different incidents where people had approached me for help and guidance in their lives, I had a clear vision of a vibrant green leaf. The veins of the leaf were very prominent and were busily pumping the plant’s life force throughout the leaf. As I was relating the vision of the leaf to the problems these people were facing, I knew that Mother Nature had a pearl of wisdom to share…

Showers of Blessings

As we go through our daily lives, we may not always see the blessings we have around us. We are too busy; we are deep in thought or just carrying on with our regular routines. However, we all have many blessings every day and if we aren’t careful, the day could pass and we could miss them.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to assess, understand and control emotions. A person with a high level of Emotional Intelligence practices self-awareness and is conscientious of the direct affect feelings have on behavior.

Shift Your Dreams Into Reality

As a young girl I had many dreams. One of them was to become a successful writer. Another was to become an artist. I also loved different cultures and had a dream to become an anthropologist and travel the world studying, photographing, and helping distant cultures. I had another dream to marry a prince and become wealthy. Many of my dreams seemed to be unachievable. However, in one form or another, I am living out my wildest dreams.

Common Non-Verbal “Mistakes”

Our body is our most valuable asset, it allows us to do everything from building houses from the ground up, to tasting the most subtle of flavors of a fine wine. Our body has complex systems for everything; breathing, eating, thinking, even communicating. What most people fail to realize is that our bodes are constantly displaying obvious cues as to what’s going on in our heads.

How To Fall In Love With Your Call Again

Start by believing in your heart that your ministry equips people to live a Christ-quality life. When you love ministry and demonstrate that love, your expressions of ministry impact people more than you can imagine.

I Don’t Deserve to Be Loved

Have you ever looked inside to discover why you might not be loving to yourself and answered with, “I’m not worthy of love”? I hear this all the time – it is often one of the major false beliefs of the ego wounded self.

How Limited Beliefs Affect Your Life. Wipe Them Away!

Limited beliefs (and habits) are stored in the subconscious mind, that is why we don’t know -consciously- that we have them. Most of us are afraid to look inside ourselves. If we are carrying emotions and feelings that have hurt us in the past, we prefer to avoid them rather than working on them. We know that all the answers we are looking for are inside, so why do we look for them in the wrong places…

Are You Taking Life Too Seriously? 7 Ideas to Live a Healthier, Happier, and Productive Life

How many of you feel that taking life too seriously is actually ruining your life or the lives of those around you? My friends used to tell me that my life was a spreadsheet, not a journey. Guess what? After carefully reviewing my life, I realized that they were right. Couple of years ago, I had my life all planned out and every move I needed to make was written down on a spreadsheet.

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