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Dreaming One Step at a Time

I truly believe a life without dreams is a life without hope. Hope for a little something in your life, or hope for an exciting future all begins with an idea. Ideas and dreams require you to take action if it is to become a reality in your life.

We All Have Different Worlds

All things are somewhat or very different to all people. I’m saying this because we cannot judge someone for their actions and thoughts when we don’t truly understand what it was to them. Let me give some examples to help clarify this profound reality.

Winners Versus Losers, How Do You See Your Self?

Have you ever thought that losing could be more gratifying than winning? You don’t agree? I understand, it’s pretty hard to imagine let alone understand. But take faith you can trust me.

It’s Hard to Lose Weight With All of This Baggage!

“It’s become popular these days to blame practically everything on our parents. We figure it’s because of them that our self-esteem is so low. If only they’d been different, we’d be brimming with self-love. But if you take a close look at how our parents treated us, what-ever abuse they gave us was often mild compared to the way we abuse ourselves today…

Caretaking: A Covert Form of Narcissism

I used to think that caretaking was the opposite of narcissism. I thought that narcissists were people who demanded that others give themselves up to care-take the narcissist. I thought that caretakers were people who were programmed to take care of others instead of themselves.

A Psychic Often Hears – I Just Wanted To Be Loved

Have you ever said, “I just wanted to be loved.”? I know I have said that. More than once. I think most of us have done some things because we just wanted to be loved. We also have the ability to watch those around us do things in the name of love. This article will show you that you are not alone.

One Tasking As the Bridge to Meditation

It is true that not everyone is inclined to turn their life upside down, head to an ashram in India, and start meditating 6-8 hours a day. Less than a year ago, I was a non-meditator, so what changed? Having everything and still feeling unsatisfied. There has to be more to life than just doing and having? Those thoughts have been creeping into my awareness for the past 5 years or more, so they were the seeds for going inward–stillness. I have been looking at the spiritual world for 25 years, but the idea of meditation just wasn’t on my list. Type A personality, in motion 16 plus hours a day, seven days a week, so meditating was a foreign land. Looking back, what were some of the practical steps in this pursuit of spiritual deepening through meditation?

How To Stop Self Pity And Move Past Shame

What happens when we don’t do anything to stop our self pity? Our life seems to go into a repeated loop. A repeated loop where you seem to do almost the same thing day after day. Now imagine who you could be if you knew how to stop self pity and move past shame. Is now the time to make a change? Read on to receive tips that work!

10 Tips To Making Lasting Changes In Your Life

If you are going through major changes, life transitions, or just want to take your life to the next level; here are 10 simple tips to making lasting changes and start living your best life: 1. Make a Commitment Commit yourself 100% to the change you want to make or create, and make the change a MUST. That means no more excuses!! Step up and do whatever it takes!

Participation in a Relationship Is a Must

This article explores the Passive and Active Personality Concepts. It takes a Deeper Look at Frank and Nicole, who are having trouble because Frank takes a “wait and see” approach to life, while Nicole jumps in feet first. I explore how he became that way, what beliefs led to it, and how he might shed himself of this disabling passivity.

How to Turn Setbacks Into Your Favor

Setbacks can occur at a very seemingly inconvenient time according to our own timetables. And when it does happen you have a choice to either get mad and frustrated or relax into the moment so you can get a clearer view of the bigger picture. Have faith that there’s much more happening here in your favor and if you keep your thoughts and expectation on good coming to you, even in this perhaps awkward moment, you’ll be able to go through this time with a different perspective on things. Let me share my story with you:

Use Negative Events to Expand and Grow

We all have the objective of achieving our full potential, living a meaningful and fulfilling life, filled with joy and happiness. As children we are filled with dreams about our future and we are committed to a notion of excellence and possibility. Yet after observing our adult role models and listening to their negative attitude to life and unrealistic expectations, where they believe that life should just be filled with positive all the time and no challenge, we enter adulthood filled with doubt and believing life is hard and that we should just get through our weeks, working to survive, not to thrive and grow.

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