Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind and Align These 7 Things to Manifest Your Desires FAST!

Is It Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, or Guided Meditation?

The root of the word “hypnosis” is a Greek word meaning “sleep”. In hypnotherapy, the practitioner induces a state where the subject is less conscious than full waking, but not completely asleep, in order to bring forward repressed memories, or introduce positive suggestions. It’s called a “trance state”.

14 Reasons for Lead Pastors to Do a 360-Degree Evaluation

Serving as the lead pastor of any church carries with it a huge responsibility to carry out the mission of the church. In this process, God gives vision and the resources to accomplish it. However, at some point along the way, most pastors ask themselves if they are being as effective as they could in leading the church. Doing a complete 360-degree evaluation of one’s self can increase a pastor’s true effectiveness in leading the church to the next level.

New Year Resolutions: Making Promises That We Can Keep: Changing Our Mind to Transform Our Behavior!

The famous “New Year’s Resolution” the annual promise that we make to ourselves to lose weight, stop smoking, stop procrastinating, to just do better, and strive to behave better in all of the ways that we have acknowledged a change is necessary. Why are many of the promises that we make to ourselves short-lived? A promise is a commitment by an individual to do or not do something. Promises made to resolve existing issues is crucial to self-improvement, is worth keeping and should be kept. Why? We are valuable women (mothers of civilization) and the level of a people’s manifestation of moral, spiritual and intellectual development is the measure and source of women. We deserve to achieve our goals and aspirations especially those that make us more effective. This article discusses the differences between change and transition and how changing our mind about ourselves can help us make promises that we are able to keep.

Five Characteristics of Achievable Goals

Anyone with a desire to move ahead in their life in one way or another has made the decision to set personal goals. These goals should inspire self-confidence, hope and motivation. They should reflect a person’s values, include their dreams and be able to be achieved in a series of well-planned out steps. There are five things that all truly achievable goals have in common…

Might As Well Not Be Politically Correct

So maybe we’ll talk religion, politics, gay marriage and everything else we can think of in this post? Over the past month I’ve sent out several emails that had a “Happy Holidays” message in them somewhere.

Christmas Travels of James and the Magi

For me, Christmas brings with it time to reflect on my life so far, on the events of the first Christmas and the Magi arriving in Bethlehem on my birthday. This year I thought of all the times I attended midnight Mass and the crackle in the air amid the pine trees punctuated the quiet. Peaceful midnight hour. I don’t remember being a baby but I do recall all the times babies took center stage at Christmas.

The Cert IV TAE – Face to Face, or Online, or Distance? Perhaps It Doesn’t Matter?

When it comes to choosing how you will do your own TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, the answer really depends on three things. One of the most common reasons people choose online or distance options is because they are more flexible. You can study in your own time, you can fit it around other commitments.

Persistence Will Make This Your Greatest Year Ever

The new year is upon us and I want us all to hit the road running and knowing that this will be the greatest year ever for us. Whatever happened last year is now done. We cannot change it, hopefully we have learned some lessons from it and are ready to roll forward. Ready to hit the road running with strong and totally driven “persistence”.

Let’s Make It a Happy NOW Year

A spider dangling from the ceiling. That’s what I woke up to on the first day of 2012. My first instinct was to grab a magazine nearby and eliminate the unsuspecting offender, which is what I would have unconsciously done in the past. But, based on the title of this article, I decided to take said magazine and guide the daddy-longlegs outside, releasing it to the wonders beyond. But, this cousin of Charlotte was having no part of it. I lost track of it and found it scrambling back up its invisible web strand toward the ceiling. There was something frantic about the way it ran for its life so I let it go as its spindly legs carried it off into the concaves of my house. It got me thinking abouthow bold and fresh 2012 is going to be.

How To Get Started On Your Personal Development Program For Success In Life

There’s no better time to start your personal development program than right now. When I suggest starting your program, I should point out that you’ll need a huge store of optimism, based upon your self-motivation and commitment to hard work, rather than hope and faith. I’ll keep on saying this: You can achieve whatever you want through hard work, by following a plan, focused on the right goals. This article shows you how to get started, by asking yourself questions about your occupational hopes.

The Law of Gestation – Why Your Dreams Take Time to Become Your Reality

I can remember when I first started working with The 11 Forgotten Laws how frustrated I would get when things didn’t happen exactly how or when I wanted them to. It reminded me of a time when I was a young boy and my mother who was an avid gardener was trying to teach me a little bit about Mother Nature and The Law of Gestation.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Life and Start Experiencing Joy

The Law of Attraction is as exact a science as the law of mathematics. If you have studied mathematics you will know that no matter what mathematical problem is put in front of you, as long as you know the formula to solve the problem you will always get the correct answer. The formula for solving the problem never changes. If it did your accounts would be in a very bad state! The Law of Attraction is also an exact science and the formula for changing your life never changes.

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